Transat A.T. Inc. Sells French Agency

Thu Nov 13, 2003 6:08 am

Hmmm, this is a nice little boost to Group Transat's finances.

From what I understand, Group Transat is looking to possibly divest itself
of the French charter carrier, Star.

TS news: look for TS to implement on-board charges for beverages
(alcoholic and non-alcoholic, on many or all of its Canada-Caribbean/
Mexico sectors. TS is also looking at implementing charges for meals
on these sectors, much along the same line as Air Canada's on-board
restaurant in-flight meal program. Whether or not it "flies", remains to
be seen. Note: Canada-Europe flights will retain their no-charge for
on-board meals and non-alcoholic beverages.

TS "Did You Know?", that TS FA's have not had a uniform change since
1990/1991. With the sale of "Anyway" and the possible future divestment
of "Star", TS FA's tell me that the carrier is considering a major FA uniform


From Canadian Travelweek Magazine:

Montreal - Transat A.T. Inc. of Montreal announced it is selling its French subsidiary "Anyway" ( to IAC/InterActiveCorp for an enterprise value of 53 million Euros (CAD$81.6 million).

"Anyway" will join IAC Travel, a division of IAC/InterActiveCorp that encompasses online travel brands including, Interval International, TV Travel Shop, and

"Anyway" is headquartered in Paris, and employs more than 200 people.
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RE: Transat A.T. Inc. Sells French Agency

Thu Nov 13, 2003 1:22 pm

Speaking of Transat, today there was only one Transat departure from YYZ and no arrivals, if and are to be believed. But that doesn't make any sense!

The Transat f/a uniforms are still ok, nothing special, but not bad looking and professional. Maybe something new and fresh is a good idea though.

If they start charging for meals, I wonder what the quality will be like. Mmmmmmmm, airline food!
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