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Delta Puts 737-800 On SLC-GEG Route, Replacing 733

Thu Jan 06, 2000 8:10 am

It used to be that the 737-300 operated on Salt Lake City-Spokane. now it is the 737-800. I am actually surprised. Both of those cities aren't that big. I mean that the 737 is used on routed like ORD-CVG, and EWR-ATL, big routes. Do you think Delta is wasting a good aircraft on a bad route???
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RE: Delta Puts 737-800 On SLC-GEG Route, Replacing 733

Fri Jan 07, 2000 12:06 pm

Do you know for certain that the 737-800 has replaced
the 300 on that route? Sometimes, Delta, will alternate
equipment (aircraft) when others are being serviced.
I know when the 737-800 first started service with Delta, the airline flew the aircraft into our airport,
Pensacola, FL. (PNS) a couple times. That was nearly
a year ago, and I havnt seen the airplane here sence.
The route is usually served with a 727 or MD-88, so I say all that to say that, unless you know for sure other
wise, Delta was probably just using the airplane for the
day. I would think Delta uses equipment that is
most beneficial to them and the route.