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Biased Comments In Airways/airliner Mag

Fri Jan 07, 2000 10:40 am

i'm like many readers of the popular mag airways.

however, how many of you have found that:

1. a profile on an airline-biased comments (eg a crappy airline gets good comments and compliments from the author)

2. a profile on an airliner-again, biased comments. (a 777 profile in last years' issue of airliners (which said 777 is better than a330), and a330 this year in the smae mag (which said a330 is better than 777).

i'm fed up with untruful facts!
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RE: Biased Comments In Airways/airliner Mag

Fri Jan 07, 2000 1:47 pm

Well what do you expect,it is an enthusiast mag. If you really want to know how the industry works,get AirTransport World or Aviation Weekly. Both are not cheap,but if you want to know who buying what and for what reasons,or read an insightful interviews with the CEOs (the guys or gals who make the buying and route decisions)then step up to the trade mags.

I too subscribe to Airways. Since its not my source of aviation news,and do not use it as such,examples as you have brought out do not bother me that much.
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RE: Biased Comments In Airways/airliner Mag

Fri Jan 07, 2000 9:34 pm

As someone who has written an article for Airways mag, I can say that there is no bias as such; credit where credit is due. In the cases of Aer Lingus, Austrian, EVA and Malaysia, you are dealing with top rate airlines, so I don't see it as being biased. They are very good airlines. And, they gave Aerolineas Argentinas a good hammering in the last issue about service on one of their flights. So, fair is fair. I don't think they are unduly kind!
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RE: Biased Comments In Airways/airliner Mag

Sat Jan 08, 2000 2:16 am

I agree that their articles on current topics can sometimes be "puff pieces". I've always read them for the historical articles. They're great.