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Flying Biz On BA

Sun Nov 16, 2003 7:56 am


just received an awesome offer for a transatlantic on BA, flying Biz-class...

is it worth the cash? What will service look like? Seat pitch? IFE? Drinking supplies... (not aiming on getting drunk, just a couple of civilized fun-beers...)

Thx for sharing experiences.
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RE: Flying Biz On BA

Sun Nov 16, 2003 8:15 am

i'm not sure as to the exact pitch. it was really comfortable though, and i stand about 6'3". the food was better than any airline food i've had before, but i don't remember what it was exactly. i don't remember paying for alcohol though. the service was really good, with the exception of this one FA that was really snotty. i saw her in about the first hour of the flight then never again. my one gripe, the lavs were a bit small. it was hard fitting myself and my gf in there if you know what i mean. as to IFE, i had my woman and was pretty tired too, so i saw no movie on the flight.

in my opinion, it's worth the price.
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RE: Flying Biz On BA

Sun Nov 16, 2003 8:55 am

Cancidas, you randy bastard. If you were flying BA biz class, what the hell were you doing in the toilet? Isn't that what flat beds are for?! I flew BA biz class to Sydney a few months ago and on the way out I slept from Vienna to Vietnam, quite literally. And with enough privacy that I could have pleasured my ladeeeee without the humiliation of cramming myself into a toilet.

Yes, it's worth it. BA have the best J class in the air. I would choose it over any F class, with the possible exception of BA's own (and Qantas' which is basically identical). I can't believe JAL have just introduced a new J class product which doesn't have proper flat beds. Get with the program!
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