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Answers To Quiz Of My Own

Fri Jan 07, 2000 1:48 pm

1. KIWI was interested in acquiring a fleet of BAC 111's. Again, an article in ATW from somwhere between 92-93 outlined this.
2. Jet America was based at LGB (Long Beach) CA. They operated MD-80 series aircraft, but also they briefly leased 2 707's which operated in JA colors.
3. KIWI got it's name from the flightless bird symbolic of the fact that most of KIWI's management came from Pan Am and Eastern, hence the "flightless" connotation.
4. Western Pacific was originally to be called Commercial Air.
5. USAirways arose from USAir, which in turn is the decendent of Allegheny, which was formed as All America Aviation.

I'm surprised I got so few responses.