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New Breed Of Carriers?

Wed Nov 19, 2003 4:58 pm

In the past few weeks and months Saab has been increasingly successful with its Saab 2000 series in the Second-Hand market. As we all know as a new plane it miserably failed, gaining only very few order from Crossair (now Swiss), SAS Commuter, Régional Airlines and General Motors.

However in the past weeks several airlines have taken delivery of Saab 2000s, mainly out of Swiss´ stock. Among them are Carpatair, a Romania-based operator currently flying with Saab 340, which has just this week taken over the first of six S20. OLT, Ostfriesische Lufttransportgesellschaft, Germany, has expanded its fleet by a third Saab 2000. Golden Air, Sweden, has leased its Saab 2000 to Eastern Airways, UK. Newcomer Fairline, Austria, has taken delivery of 2 S20 for flights to Italy.

Even though the demand so far is only generated within Europe a picture seems to come up. Second-Tier regional carriers are starting to introduce larger, comparably modern equipment and move into routes which are either growing or which have been dropped by mainline carriers or their subsidaries. Maybe the next “regional airlines revolution” is about to start in a few years with those regionals becoming the strong, unaligned regionals which are forcasted as the main customers for the new bread of 70-seat regional jets?

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RE: New Breed Of Carriers?

Wed Nov 19, 2003 5:36 pm

It seems that for Carpatair the Saab 2000 is a replacement of the YAK42. They have apparently removed the YAK42 from their fleet, at least according to their Internet page . They plan to acquire 6 Saab 2000 in a very short period of time (beginning December 2003, ending March 2004) . Carpatair mentions that their Saab2000 has a capacity of only 50 seats, comparable to Tarom's ATR42-500. They have still to grow in order to use a 70 seat jet, but this is not impossible. Anyway, if they wanted to stick to jets they were in a position to replace the YAK42 with an Embraer145 or an CRJ, but they elected Saab2000 because of the commonalities with the Saab340 they already have. The Saab 340 is their workhorse for routes with lower loads or for feeding their hub in TSR, and unless there is an economic 30-seater jet on the market having commonalities with a 70-seater I doubt that they will get into jets.
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RE: New Breed Of Carriers?

Wed Nov 19, 2003 6:16 pm

Cuz SAAB is great in the air as well on the road Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Airbus SAS - Love them both