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Looking For A3XX Information?

Sat Jan 08, 2000 2:37 am

I suppose this might constitute an advertisement but I think it's really nice:

Airbus has a CD of their A3XX-Breifing (which itself is a pretty nice brochure). The CD, however, is far more detailed and is designed with the best programs. It is highly interactive and contains, among other things, schematics for all 5 varients of the A3XX (-50R, -100, -100R, -200, -100F). It shows range from 10 cities of the world, has its own soundtrack that bumbles along while you work, and contains a cute little thing where you can play around with 2D and 3D puzzles of the aircraft. It has an internet connection and a massive cutaway view of the aircraft which lets you see a variety of videos (.AVIs, kind of small) including a tour through the sleeping areas in the basement! It even contains statistics for ALL OTHER AIRBUS JETLINERS INCLUDING THE A340-500 and -600 & the A318! This CD is amazing, but they don't send it to everyone, if you want it you have to write a rather passionate letter.

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RE: Looking For A3XX Information?

Sat Jan 08, 2000 2:41 am

How can I obtain this c.d.?

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