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Icelandair's New Livery.

Sun Jan 09, 2000 5:46 am

Does anyone know something more about it.

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RE: Icelandair's New Livery.

Sun Jan 09, 2000 6:00 am

Have you not seen it; I think it's an improvement on the last effort. I think there's a photo in the latest edition of Airways, and in last month's edition of Airliner World ( Apparently the yellow streak on the tail and nacelles symbolises Icelandic sunsets, I can't recall what the blue sybolised.

Have you visited the PPrune website recently? In the Rumours and News forum, a topic entitled "comments please", has a diagram of a CX744 with a special livery, meant to be released on around the 19th Jan. Most of the pilots there reckon their 4-year old children could have done better. As an enthusiast though, I think it looks great. Unfortunatly here at DXB, we only get their 742's or 743's.
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Sun Jan 09, 2000 6:10 am

What's the web address for the Prune website? I'd like to check that out.

RE: Tailscraper

Sun Jan 09, 2000 6:29 am

That's at

Phew! Sorry, I don't know how to post "clickable" links yet. This is a forum mainly for British airline pilots. I don't register or participate, as it's really a website for pilots to discuss rumours/news, and to insult each other's airlines, but it makes for interesting reading.

Jumeirah, Dubai.

PS. To Emirates fans: one new 777-200ER in new Emirates livery, scheduled to leave at 03.30 local on the Dubai-Colombo-Singapore-Jakarta leg.
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The Pics Are Here On Airliners

Sun Jan 09, 2000 7:42 am


Why go somewhere else when you can find great pics of the new livery here on Airliners!!

Use the search function.

Yes, the livery is nice, but i still like the old.

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RE: Icelandair's New Livery.

Sun Jan 09, 2000 12:35 pm

The first plane was a 757F that operates a Liège-Keflavík-Kennedy route. I saw a pax 757 at Boston about two months ago, but with winters short, cold days, I rarely get to see Icelandair at all.

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