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What Does This Mean?

Sun Jan 09, 2000 7:49 am

Every time I listen to the tower when a plane has landed, I hear something like this: "Delta 2431 exit at bravo then ground point four when you're clear"

What frequency is "point four" (or "point eight", etc)??? Does that mean that all airports have very similar ground frequencies?

When the approach control hands off the plane to the tower he'll tell the pilot to contact the tower and say the full frequency. So why not with the ground?
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RE: What Does This Mean?

Sun Jan 09, 2000 7:52 am

I often wondered the same thing. Is all the ground frequencies 121.something?
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RE: What Does This Mean?

Sun Jan 09, 2000 8:12 am

You guys have got it... All ground freqs. are 121.___ just fill in the .8 or .whatever... Here in the U.S.
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RE: What Does This Mean?

Sun Jan 09, 2000 5:05 pm

Burbank Airport and San Diego Lindbergh has a ground frequency of 123.900, San Diego Brown Field 124.4, San Francisco 124.25, Sacramento Executive 125.0. These are just off the top of my head in my area, so obviously that last post is incorrect. It may be seen as the average or generic ground frequency however. -Ryan