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Laptop GPS In Plane

Wed Nov 26, 2003 2:17 am

So I'm getting one of those GPS antenna units that connect to your Laptop via the USB port. They are pretty small and come with a suction cup for securing them to the windshield of your car.

I've tried using handheld GPS units on commercial flights, but need to hold it up to the window to get good reception.

I've always wanted to be able to track flights I was on and thought this might just work, and I've always got my laptop with me on the plane. But what kind of reaction do you think I will get from the FAs when I suction cup this antenna onto the window with a wire going to my laptop? Something tells me I'll probably be jumped by several of the crew and duct taped to my chair.

So has anyone used one of these GPS units on a flight? Did you secure the antenna to the window? Do you get good reception?

Thanks in advance
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RE: Laptop GPS In Plane

Wed Nov 26, 2003 2:43 am

A colleague flew SYD-DPS-CGK on Garuda a few months ago with his GPS... Managed to track his flight, and interestingly enough, the DPS-CGK sector the Captain from the SYD-DPS sector was deadheading, sitting next to him! Interesting discussions he had!

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if some cabin crew would ask you to put it away...

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RE: Laptop GPS In Plane

Wed Nov 26, 2003 2:59 am

My friend once takes his GPS and the FA told him it was illegal.
He replies: "Go ask the pilot, I bet he is using his right now".

She checked with the pilot and told my friend it's ok to use it.