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Forced Retirement - What's Others Opinion

Thu Nov 27, 2003 3:10 am

In a recent thread started by me, "Ever witnessed any incident", there is a reply in which a 744 approached on wrong runway, made a very close call and later on pilot probably forced to take retirement.

I have heard similar incident before, where a pilot mistakenly set the transponder on the frequency which is supposedly for "Hijacking", after landing the aircraft was treated as Hijacked aircraft, the pilot was grounded later on.

Are these human errors are big enough to retire a very experienced pilot on human errors which any body can make?

I fully understand that these errors can cause life of hundreds of passengers, but knowing very little bit of flying (having 20 hours of flying), one has to remain very alert, there can be communication error, mis-understandings can be occurred etc. etc.

Just thinking, what type of errors or mistakes on which pilots should be warned, grounded, retired, or fired.

Or, flying is the job which required ultimate level of perfection.

Just like to share and have ideas of others on this topic