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AS 737 Makes Emergency Landing In Eugene

Thu Nov 27, 2003 9:50 pm

An Alaska Airlines 737-400 made an emergency landing Wednesday night in Eugene. Flight 497 was en route from Orange County/John Wayne to Portland when the flight crew had to shut down one of its engines. The plane landed at EUG at approximately 22:10 local time. There were 123 passengers and 6 crew members aboard. The aircraft sat on the runway until about 23:10 when it was towed to a parking spot. Once the aircraft was parked, we ground agents noticed that one of the tires was completely flat. We couldn't figure out why, but my two cents were that because they were landing with only one engine, reverse thrust was not an option and the use of too much brakes heated the wheel up to a point where it blew. But, I'm not a mechanic, that was just my guess. The plane seemed to stop in a fairly short distance for having no reverse thrust. The airport was shut down while it was on the runway, causing at least one flight, a Skywest flight from Denver, to divert to Portland for refueling. A second 737-400 was repoed from Portland to carry most of the passengers back. That airplane left about 00:45.