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Tow-in gates at LAX

Sat Jan 02, 1999 2:01 am

During the past few days, I flew into LAX twice, both times on a DC-10-10. The United plane had to be towed in to the gate, while the Hawaiian aircraft pulled right into the gate under its own power. Why couldn't the United plane do that? It was the same airport and the same type of aircraft. Does anyone have any information on this?
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RE: Tow-in gates at LAX

Sat Jan 02, 1999 2:17 am

It depends on the terminal/gate and the ground traffic situation at the time. Some of the terminals at LAX are rather closer together than other airports. If there is a plane at the gate opposite where yours is heading, the engines will be shut down 'in the alley' so as to avoid jet blasting the ground crews/baggage carts etc around the other plane. If the area behind your gate is clear, then it's OK to taxi in under power. It's not just widebodies, this has happened to me on 737s more than once.