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New Club World ?

Mon Jan 10, 2000 12:10 am

I am a big fan of British Airways and I am holding an Executive Club card. I love them very much and was wondering about their new Club World product. Has anyone seen it? what aircraft will they use first ? what route ? I heard it would be to JFK, what day ? tell me I would like to book a trip on the first aircraft flying with what will revolutionize business travel !!!


RE: New Club World ?

Mon Jan 10, 2000 12:32 am

I refer you to a post I made a while back: go to the search function, and type in "Club World update".
Lucky you can afford J-class, I have to cross my fingers and hope for an upgrade when flying with BA!

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Jumeirah, Dubai.

RE: New Club World ?

Tue Jan 11, 2000 5:54 am

Yes BA is a good airline, but they only revolutionized business class travel when they introduced the previous generation (now soon 2 generation old) of Club World in the 80s but since a company called Virgin Atlantic was borned and I think with their 180 degrees reclining Upper Class seat ( means Business Class) they became the airline which revolutionized the next generation Business Class, BA doesnt lead anymore.