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1980's Boutique Airlines

Sun Nov 30, 2003 3:18 pm

Back in the 80's there was a "boutique' airline called Royal Atlantic Airways. I remember seeing their very upscale advertisements in W magazine. They flew 707's with interiors designed for the rich folk. Flying from JFK to LHR. Whatever happened to them? This was the airline of Fraser Crane. (LOL) Or, it felt like Fly the Snobby Skies. They referred to their flights as "crossings." Where can I find pictures of these 707's with their livery?

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RE: 1980's Boutique Airlines

Sun Nov 30, 2003 11:10 pm

This airline incorporated in New Jersey in 1987, without an operating license or certificate of public need & neccessity permit. Its plan was to operate a 707 outfitted with 50 seats on a daily flight from Newark to Stansted.
It's intention was to lease a B707-320B from PIA, & have it completely re-furbished. They never took up the lease, although they printed some adds in
several magazines including Vanity Fair. Additionally they purchased AMEX's "multiple million" income mailing list (for both the US & United Kingdom) and did several mailings, but to no avail-they never made it off the ground, and the project died after it was less than one year old. It was one of those "illusions of grandeur" attempts that someone thought would work. (remember Regent Air) Their documents of incorporation were turned into the state of New Jersey in 1988, and the company went out of business without ever taking to the air, and lost about 3.2 million in the process of trying to get some "lift" as their operations manual referred to it.