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Unalaska/Dutch Harbour Airport

Mon Dec 01, 2003 8:56 am

Does anybody have any interesting stories to tell about this airport, any photographs or anything about the Alaska 737 that visits.
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RE: Unalaska/Dutch Harbour Airport

Mon Dec 01, 2003 2:03 pm

Yes,It a very scary approach when the weather is bad(usually always is bad). Its usually very windy there.There's only an NDB approach and the runway is only 3,500ft long with water on both sides,and has mountains all around it.Basically its the shortest runway a 737 flys to in the world I think.

When the runway is icy,it makes for some really tough performance.Alaska Air crews recieve special training to fly into Dutch.But sadly,Alaska will soon be pulling out of DUT and the only airline flying there will be a PenAir SAAB 340 or Metroliner.This is due to the fact Alaska Airlines is unable make a profit on this route because many times the aircraft is unable to land due to weather and has to return to Anchorage(ANC) which is about 3 hrs away.Sometimes passengers have to wait for days to fly to Dutch Harbor due to weather.

Also on takeoff,the weight has to be limited because the runway is so short.So sometimes they cannot take all the passengers and have to leave some passengers or cargo behind.

Hope this helps,if you have any other specific questions,just let me know....I'll try to post some pics later.

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RE: Unalaska/Dutch Harbour Airport

Mon Dec 01, 2003 2:18 pm

If memory serves you can go up to 98,000 lbs on the takeoff for the 737 out of DUT.

The runway is actually 3900 feet long.

If you want to see a scary photo look for some take during WWII, back when the runway was gravel and curved.
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RE: Unalaska/Dutch Harbour Airport

Mon Dec 01, 2003 2:34 pm

Actually, water is on one side,mountain on other. Both ends end in the drink.
There was ( I assume it is still there) a nice little monument dedicated to Aleut civilians and military personnel "who suffered and knew the pains of war." There's a US,Japanese,and Canadian flag as well. This info is on a post card I received from Reeve Aleutian Airways in late '80s. Nice card with their terminal on the front.
Also have a book with Dutch Harbor in centerfold taking up whole spread. There is a MarkAir 737-200c at rest.
If you look up and look at US airports by state,then look at DUT, scroll to bottom and there should be numerous pics of airport put in by State of Alaska.