Washington Dulles Airport

Mon Jan 10, 2000 4:37 am

How can somebody build a big Int'l airport with hardly any space for passengers ??

When I used Dulles on Friday, at Gate C2, there were like 150 seats and 200 people standing and waiting for the flight to FRA. The whole aisle and the area for the pax in the
terminal were overcrowded.
How can you do that to passengers ??
I mean it's not that Dulles is a regional airport !!


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RE: Washington Dulles Airport

Mon Jan 10, 2000 5:34 am

Well, the C and D terminals are/were supposed to be an interim structure when the main terminal proved to be inadequate for the hub that United was setting up. (Northwest had tried it before, and it failed since the bus-to-the-plane concept pretty much forbids hubbing.) Dulles has had some amazing growth in the last year because of the one-on-one between UA and US. As a result, Dulles is bursting at the seams, especially in the late afternoon when the international bank arrives. C and D (I think) are to be revamped very soon to look like the new terminal B. When I go home to VA, I usually use US Airways out of Terminal B, which is much more spacious.