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AY Md11 Seating

Wed Dec 03, 2003 12:22 am


I have question about AY's Md11 seating arrangements, neither checkmytrip.ner or can provide me with a seatmap where I actually can see where my seats are located, my seat are 25A and 25B, are those seats located in the forward coach section, if not which seats are?

Thanks in advance!, rgs.GOTbound
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RE: AY Md11 Seating

Wed Dec 03, 2003 11:24 am

Yup, those would be in the foward (good) coach section, which runs from rows 21-29 in 3-4-2 config

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RE: AY Md11 Seating

Wed Dec 03, 2003 11:58 am

I flew AY last month from HEL-NRT on the MD-11, it was a blast! I have the timetable in my hands now, complete with seatmaps.

AY currently has 2 MD11 maps, one has 3-4-2 for the front part of economy, and 2-5-2 for the back half. In that configuration, rows 21-30 are the 3-4-2 config.

The second configuration is 3-4-2 in the front half, and 3-4-3 in the back. Rows 21-29 are the 3-4-2.

In any case, you will be on the 2 seat side (A-B-C). When you checkin, see how full the flight is, and if nobody is in 25C, see if you can't change your seats to 25AC. My flight was great. Even though I was traveling standby, they gave us 34A and C, so we had three seats for two people, which made the 9.5 hour flight go by quickly. The food was fairly good, and the cabin staff was...Adequate. I guess I was a bit disappointed after sitting in the HEL terminal and seeing some really, really good looking young flight attendants, and then boarding our flight and seeing Lurch, our purser, and a cabin staff that probably had an average age of 50. Oh well, they were friendly, and the flight went quickly.

Enjoy your trip.
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RE: AY Md11 Seating

Sat Dec 06, 2003 1:14 am

Hey, don't badmouth Lurch. An excellent purser!  Big grin

You can find a seat map on the Finnair website under "Service Info" -> "Fleet" (menu on left) and then select a/c. It's not that good though, as it doesn't have row numbers...

You should also check out the "Image Gallery", which gives you a 360* view of the cabin. Pretty neat.