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FAA, NTSB, Boeing Baffled By 2 747 System Faliures

Thu Dec 04, 2003 5:17 pm

A bit worrying but it's good to know the highly-skilled and trained crew were able to deal with the situation. And also there were backup systems available (of course).

High-tech anxiety at 36,000 feet
Twice in two years, crews flying 747s inexplicably had their flight display screens go dark


It's the kind of airplane incident one might expect to find in stories about flights through the Bermuda Triangle.

But it happened on modern jetliners flying between Sydney and Singapore.

Two Boeing 747-400 passenger jets, operated by the same airline two years apart, suffered unheard of failures of all flight display screens in the cockpit -- high-tech anxiety at 36,000 feet.

Both planes landed safely.

The National Transportation Safety Board detailed the two incidents in a letter Tuesday to the Federal Aviation Administration, recommending the federal agency make sure pilots can quickly identify what measures to take if a similar event should occur.

Much more at the Seattle PI website
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