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CAL Hiring Foreign Pilots

Fri Dec 05, 2003 11:54 am

Hopefully this will help their safety record!

Vancouver, Dec. 3 (CNA) China Airlines (CAL) , Taiwan's largest
carrier, will recruit 200 to 300 foreign pilots in the coming year to
meet its operational demands, a company spokesman said in Vancouver
Liu Fang-you, a senior executive of CAL's flight affairs
department who arrived in Vancouver earlier this week to preside over
interviews of Canadian pilots hoping to work for CAL, said more than
40 Air Canada pilots have registered for the first round of interviews
to be held Thursday and Friday. Those who pass the first-round
interviews will then travel to Taipei for physical checkups and
second-round interviews.
Liu said CAL has plans to open new routes and will gradually take
delivery of 18 new passenger and cargo planes ordered from Airbus Co.
and Boeing Co. in the coming years. In the meantime, about 50 of its
current pilots will retire in the next two years.
Against this backdrop, Liu said, the carrier badly needs
experienced foreign pilots and co-pilots. "We need to recruit 200 to
300 new pilots," he added.
CAL presently has 941 pilots, 204 of whom are foreigners from 30
countries. Australians form the bulk of CAL's foreign pilot force,
followed by Canadians.
In addition to recruiting Canadian pilots, Liu said 30 to 40
Singapore Airlines pilots will begin working for CAL next year, while
the airline will also launch manpower drives in major European
countries next year.
(By Sofia Wu)