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How Is WN Doing On The New PVD-PHX Run?

Tue Jan 11, 2000 12:06 am

They fly a daily NON-STOP 737-700! Anyone know if they're filling it up? That is definitely the longest scheduled non-stop route that PVD has ever had! Seems to be stretching it a bit, though. The main runway at PVD is only 7166 ft. The secondary crosswind runway is even shorter at a mere 6081 ft. I guess what I'm getting at is, do they ever incur any weight restrictions operating that flight from the PVD runways? They say the 73G has great takeoff performance. However, when the shorter crosswind runway is in use, I'd be willing to bet there would have to be an intermediate fuel stop. Would anyone on this board who may work for Southwest care to share any information on the subject with us? Especially front end crews. Thanks....JohnD
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RE: How Is WN Doing On The New PVD-PHX Run?

Tue Jan 11, 2000 5:03 am

From what i have heard the PHX flight is doing very well. The convienetn time allows you to connect to many(at least 10) west coast cities. I wouldnt be suprised if we got a 2nd n/s sometime this year. Weight restrictions do not apply but i did hear they if they start PVD-LAS that weight restrictions would apply. However being only 40 miles further, i think the route would be popular enough and they would be so minor that they might run one eventually or at least sat. only. But as far is PVD is concerned PHX is the farthest we can go untill the crosswind is lengthened to 7,500-8,100 ft which remains a strong possibility in a few years.
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RE: How Is WN Doing On The New PVD-PHX Run?

Tue Jan 11, 2000 7:35 am

As far as the 73G goes, it can make it all the way out here to California from PVD with a short runway without stopping, or at least it should. Continental uses a 73G nonstop from EWR to SNA (Orange County).. The runway here at SNA is only 5700' long.

As far as I know, they do this 3 times a day, one being SNA's only real redeye service.
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