Airfoils -- The Eppler <Code>

Tue Jan 11, 2000 4:39 am

I long ago posted a topic regarding pressure fields in airfoils, and where drag is the primary resistance faced by aerodynamic structures like fixed wing when given velocity distributions. I also insisted that the intense vortex created around the wing of a mounted engine would be great enough to break the boundary layer of the wing's airfoil and create instability on the aircraft. Since everyone that responded to the post and I concluded that in real life that doesn't happen mainly because of a certain separation from that boundary layer with the outside vortex. Anyway, enough said, I was told by someone during these holidays that there is a computational method of measuring such differences called the Eppler code , which can measure the integral boundary layer and calculate things such as drag polars. It will artificially tell you when the threshold is met and where a stall situation can be avoided. Anyone with information on this "program" please reply cause I need some more detail on this. Thanks in advance.

PS: It's nice to be back to this forum after a nice break in the jacuzzi. Hey I needed some off duty time... Anyway...