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UA382/383 With A 747-400?

Sun Dec 07, 2003 4:29 pm

My friend SHUPirate1 and I were doing some research on inter-hub flights operated by the "Big Six" US airlines this evening and we came across somewhat of an oddity.

UA operates flights 382 ORD-IAD and 383 IAD-ORD with a B747-400. To our knowledge this is the only US domestic flight operated by a 747-400, and this 747 apparently does not continue on to another destination. Is there actually demand for a 747 flight from IAD to ORD? What are the load factors on this route? It seems to me that flying a 744 on such a route, unless there is a heck of a lot of connecting traffic or other conditions that I am not aware of, would be extremely uneconomic.

I will however have to take note of this flight and perhaps try to book it some time in the future, before it gets deleted from the schedules, which seems likely...


RE: UA382/383 With A 747-400?

Sun Dec 07, 2003 4:36 pm

Yes, it's the only scheduled domestic B747 right now. But if you notice, UA will be flying B747 between LAX/SFO/DEN/ORD during late Decemember, and again sometime next year -- just as they had earlier this year. Why is a flight between ORD-IAD operated by a B744? Because it sets-up an IAD-LHR flight... Why aren't there more domestic B744 flights? Because UA doesn't need the capacity, and they have some 772A configured with just as many seats as their B744... if OAL, like DL, flew B747, you'd see more domestic B747 flights... NW, the other B747 operator, choose not to operate their widebodies within the lower 48 states (for now at least).....
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RE: UA382/383 With A 747-400?

Sun Dec 07, 2003 4:37 pm

This winter, DEN will be getting one flight a day each from ORD, LAX, and SFO on B747-400s.

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