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No Expansion Plans?

Mon Dec 08, 2003 9:23 am

Which of the larger (top 30) airports in the United States are not currently undergoing noticeable construction for expansion?
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RE: No Expansion Plans?

Mon Dec 08, 2003 9:47 am

Well, it's not new construction, but after the completion of the WorldGateway at DTW, the Davey terminal (old NW) is free. I believe it is being renovated to accommodate a LARGE number of new carriers/flights. As I recall, there are roughly about 45 gates that are currently unused, but after renovation, god only knows what potential new carriers might start up DTW service.
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RE: No Expansion Plans?

Mon Dec 08, 2003 10:43 am

In the Davey Terminal there are no unused gates; everything has been demolished with the exception of Gates C1-C12, which are used mostly by Spirit although it is not unusual to see RON aircraft from AA, DL, and UA parked at C. The remainder of the C terminal as well as the D, E, F, and G terminal have been demolished. Even the airport Hilton there has been shut down (in favor of the new Westin at the mid-field). The Smith terminal is where the majority of the non-NW/CO ops are and there are two or three vacant gates there (in A) where Spirit used to be (in the A extension across from Southwest). Currently the plan is to hopefully have a new terminal up to replace them by 2006 or 2007. I think they're still deciding whether to make it a linear concourse or whether to make it with a couple of concourse halls. I think the only thing certain is that the new terminal (which is to house all the other airlines except NW and CO, and perhaps by that time DL as well), will have around 30 or 40 gates.
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