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TAM's A320

Tue Jan 11, 2000 8:29 am

TAM will introduce the 1st of (?) new A320s to it's fleet...and with this a reviesed livery...............oooooooooooooooooooh how original....sorry for the sarcasm.....just sick of this all white look almost everybody keeps going for...
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RE: TAM's A320

Tue Jan 11, 2000 9:00 am

Yup, it took a lot of imagination to come up with that original livery...not!! But, what do you expect, that is the motto of airlines today: I call it the CDS rule:
Cheap, cheap!
Dull, dull...
Scared, scared 
Airlines don't want to spend money in developing good schemes, so they make it as dull as possible: just like most other new liveries. & they are to scared to try anything new, the fear being left behind.
How long will this white fad last? Who knows, I pray that not long...
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