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LH Flight To LIM In The Past

Tue Dec 09, 2003 7:29 pm


I was trying to find some information about the flight from FRA to LIM which LH operated until summer 2001. I think the flight was operated via BOG. Maybe one of you still has an old timetable with the information about frequency, operating days, and departure/arrival times... Which a/c did they use? I guess it was an A340, or did they also use a B747 sometimes???

Why did they actually stop flying there? Was the problem rather the load factor or the yield? And which destination was more successful LIM or BOG?

Another question: Does one of you know how long a non-stop flight from FRA to LIM would take? Is there maybe a website where you can find that information, or would it be enough to just add the flying times from FRA-MAD and MAD-LIM? But I am afraid that wouldn't be the same!

Well, thanks for your help!

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RE: LH Flight To LIM In The Past

Tue Dec 09, 2003 8:07 pm

Just before the end of the LIM flight, they actually had (or at least had it planned) an A340 doing the flight nonstop - but before that it was a B747-400 going through, as you've said, BOG.

Not quite sure why they stopped...
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RE: LH Flight To LIM In The Past

Tue Dec 09, 2003 8:33 pm

summer 00 through summer 01 (ended Aug 31):
FRA-LIM LH538 Tue,Fri,Sun 1040-1700 A340
LIM-FRA LH539 Tue,Fri,Sun 1830-1435 A340
(which also answers your question about the nonstop flying time: 13:20 westbound, 13:05 eastbound)

summer 97 through winter 99/00:
FRA-BOG-LIM LH530 Tue,Thu,Sat 0915-1425 1525-1810 B747-400
LIM-BOG-FRA LH531 Tue,Thu,Sat 1945-2230 2345-1610 B747-400
(full traffic rights BOG-LIM-BOG)

winter 95/96 through winter 96/97
FRA-CCS-LIM LH530 Tue,Fri,Sun 2240-0400 0515-0800 A340
LIM-CCS-FRA LH531 Mon,Wed,Sat 0925-1415 1540-0615 A340
(no traffic rights CCS-LIM-CCS)

summer 90 through summer 95
FRA-CCS-BOG LH536 Mon,Thu,Sat 1050-1555 1700-1755 747-200 (Mon All Pax, Thu/Sat Combi)
BOG-LIM-LPB LH530 Mon,Thu 1910-2255 2335-0115 B727
LPB-LIM-BOG LH531 Mon,Thu 1350-1540 1620-1820 B727
BOG-CCS-FRA LH537 Mon,Thu,Sat 1945-2235 2350-1420
(no traffic rights CCS-BOG-CCS, CCS-LIM-CCS, CCS-LPB-CCS, full traffic rights BOG-LIM-LPB-LIM-BOG; BOG-LPB operated by Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano; winter 93/94 through summer 94 747-400 were used)

And there ends my timetable collection.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy (Back in the 80s, that flight [then LH512/513] was routed via SJU instead of CCS; don´t know when that changed.)

Hope this helps!


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RE: LH Flight To LIM In The Past

Tue Dec 09, 2003 8:48 pm

If I remember correctly, LH also operated the LIM flight via Caracas using the 747-200 and later on the 747-400. As far as I know, LH has agreements with several Latin American carriers to connect passengers from Perú, Ecuador & Colombia through Caracas.

By looking at similar routes (MAD-LIM & FRA-CCS) I estimate that a direct FRA-LIM flight on an A340 would take 13hr 45min westward and 13hrs eastwards.
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RE: LH Flight To LIM In The Past

Tue Dec 09, 2003 8:58 pm

A friend of mine was stationed in Lima during the early 90ies as a LH Pilot to do the flights to La Paz, Bolivia because of the high altitude of both cities.
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RE: LH Flight To LIM In The Past

Tue Dec 09, 2003 9:07 pm

Oh, this helps a lot... good to know that there is always someone who can help with my questions!!!!!!

I also have a very old LH timetable at home, I think from 1982. I will check how the flight was routed back then, maybe it was via SJU at that time

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RE: LH Flight To LIM In The Past

Tue Dec 09, 2003 9:40 pm

And if it is of interest to you Chris:

Late '60s LH flew LPB-LIM-JFK-FRA and return, till +/- 1979, when the flight was replaced by DC-10 (I think-30).

Routing was changed sometime inbetween to LPB-LIM-SJU-FRA, then again to LPB-LIM-BOG-CCS-FRA;

In the '80s, LH switched to B-747D-SL (-200).

Due to pax load factor (I recall LH was successful with freight) LH switched to code-share with LB (B-727-100/B-727-200) first to LIM, to reach the B-747, then that code share-due to high quality-was extended to BOG.

When BOG had better pax loads the code share was shrinked again to LPB-LIM only.

On LB, service was C-class only eventhough seating was Y-class only.

I know this does not answer your query but I thought to add it for general info :--))