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Sat Jan 02, 1999 1:25 pm

If Valujet would not have had the unfortunate accident, where do you think they'd be right now. I mean number of aircraft, types of aircraft and routes. Do you think they would have made it over seas?
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RE: Valujet

Sat Jan 02, 1999 1:33 pm

I think that somewhere along the road they would have hit a few finacial problems. It just seemed like they were expanding TOO fast. They would probably be the same size they were, or smaller. It would be very hard for me to imagine them getting much bigger.

RE: Valujet

Sat Jan 02, 1999 1:34 pm

Before I became a "full fledge" flight attendant, I did once fly Valuejet. I do not think they would move away from the DC-9 (maybe the 737). Although there was a major uproar in PeopleExpress, I do not think people need "cheap" flights anymore! Espicianly now that we have Priceline and such, making ticket prices as low as they have ever been.

RE: Valujet

Sat Jan 02, 1999 2:25 pm

Has valujet ever turned a profit? and how are they going to pay for the 50 717s on order?

RE: Valujet

Sat Jan 02, 1999 3:27 pm

I think value jet will not have grown but the mangament bank accounts would of. I heard the FO that crashed was getting paid $25,000 a buddy of mine who flies for a no frills airline in Englnad has been working for them for 4 months and getting $60,000 and people ask me why I want to move to England to fly.

RE: Valujet

Sun Jan 03, 1999 2:59 am

About the 717's on order:
Valujet (because that airline no longer exists) has merjered with another "no frills" airline, to become a larger "no frills" airline, now being fully equipt with 727-200's and DC-9's. I am not sure, but the 717/A318 do sound like a nice small plane for that airline, although I hear it is terrible. I can't belive the FAA/NTSB is still letting them fly!
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RE: Valujet

Sun Jan 03, 1999 7:30 am

Valujet actually started up again for a while after the FAA shut them down. It didn't last long. They hit rock bottom, and then they bought out AirTran. As I understand it, they needed to get a change of image fast, so they "bought" AirTran for its name and pasted the AirTran logo on all their planes. Valujet is still around, but under a different image. The 737-200s in AirTran came from the original AirTran, and the DC-9s are all ex-Valujet.

It's sort of a sneaky trick, but it worked and AirTran is booming now.

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