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SIA To Receive First 2 Customer A380s, RR First 8

Fri Dec 12, 2003 3:40 am

It is with great delight to announce that according to Flight International Magazine here the following is the A380 production schedule:

Build Order: 1
Serial Number: 001
"Airframe and systems testing, including flight envelope trials (retained by Airbus after completion of programme)"

Build Order 2
Serial Number: 004
"Airframe and systems testing (will be reworked for delivery to customer)"

Build Order 3
Serial Number 002
"Full interior for cabin tests - will carry out early long-range flights (will be reworked for delivery to customer)"

Build Order 4
Serial Number 007
"Test equipment and full cabin interior (for route proving)
(will be reworked for delivery to customer"

Build Order 5
Serial Number 003
For delivery to Singapore Airlines Limited as the prestigious first launch operator of the Airbus A380.

Build Order 6
Serial Number 005
The second Airbus A380 for launch operator Singapore Airlines Limited

Build Order 7
Serial Number 006
Airbus A380 for a customer

Rolls Royce Trent 800s will power the first eight aircraft and the P&W/GE GP7000 engine will power the ninth aircraft which will be used for test and certification of the latter engine.
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