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Aerosvit Launches Kiev-Delhi-Kiev

Fri Dec 12, 2003 11:54 am

News someone can use - Yet another Central Asian carrier starts India flights  Smile. Aerosvit started its operations on Dec 6th. Air Ukraine used to operate this route but ceased operations in Feb 1999. Primarily catering to UK bound traffic from India, Aerosvit claims flights are already booked solid till Feb 2004. They are operating this route with a Boeing 767 226 seater.


Source: Interfax
Ukrainian airline begins direct flights to India

Kiev, DEC 12 (DPA) A Ukrainian airline opened a new direct air link between Kiev and New Delhi, Interfax news agency reported.

The privately-owned firm Aerosvit airline will operate a Boeing- 767 mid-range aircraft twice-weekly between the two capitals.

Passengers wishing to fly between the two countries previously had been forced to transfer in a transit hub neighbouring Ukraine, most often Istanbul or Moscow.

A two-way ticket on the new route costs around 500 dollars. Some 80 per cent of passengers on the route are persons with onward destinations, according to the report.

India will become the 23-rd country to which the leading Ukrainian air carrier’ flights will be operated to and from. As of today, AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines operates on about 40 air routes, including long-range transcontinental routes – to New York (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Bangkok (Thailand).

AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines was appointed as the designated Ukrainian carrier on the Kyiv-Delhi-Kyiv route in December 2001.

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RE: Aerosvit Launches Kiev-Delhi-Kiev

Fri Dec 12, 2003 12:58 pm


Thanks for posting this, but you might want to pull out an atlas. Ukraine is in Europe not central asia Smile