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Continental Airlines New Canadian Service!

Wed Jan 12, 2000 3:20 am

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard about many new airlines flying in and out of the airport here in Hamilton, Ontario. Continental Airlines was one of many airlines that are starting up there.. I think with Beech 1900 the details on the radio were crummy .. they said a 7-19 seater turbo prop. aircraft.
I wonder if I fly Continental Airlines next year from Newark.. if they will fly me right to Hamilton and not Tornoto that would be a nice supprize.. I still havent landed at that airport in the c-150 yet but one day I will.. with a 6 dollar landing charge included into that! Ohh.. also Air Canada will start another partner airline based in the Hamilton airport... ya I think they will use some 737 aircraft. Im not sure what series but thats what I heard.
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RE: Continental Airlines New Canadian Service!

Wed Jan 12, 2000 5:45 am

Continental Express will fly to Cleveland from YHM.

As to the other startups: Air Canada's YHM startup is a no-go until September 2001. If you are refering to CanJet, they have NO affiliation with AC. They are owned by IMP Group from Halifax. The CanJet operations will be based at YHM, with 737's to Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa (exact airports not yet announced) starting in May, and Winnipeg starting in July, if I remember right. They had other cities they wanted to serve, such as Thunder Bay or Quebec City, but I don't know the schedule for those services starting up.
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RE: Continental Airlines New Canadian Service!

Wed Jan 12, 2000 5:59 am

CO is supposed to have 3 flights a day from March and another airline CanAir?? is supposed to be flying out of YHM by May. Info from Toronto news. CTV.

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RE: Continental Airlines New Canadian Service!

Wed Jan 12, 2000 9:00 am

CO express is going to fly to YQK and YWG very soon. Thats what I heard on the News. I think they will be going into CLE or IAH. Mor3e details please.

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