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Types Of Fuel

Mon Dec 15, 2003 8:43 pm

I have questions about what is used as aviation fuel:

1) is jet fuel kerosene? Is it a different grade than oil lamp kerosene?

2) is jet fuel cheaper than or more expensive than car gasoline?

3) do piston-engined planes use gasoline? Is it different from car gasoline?

4) Do turboprops and turbine helicopters use jet fuel?
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RE: Types Of Fuel

Mon Dec 15, 2003 8:56 pm

1. Kerosene is a family of fuels that includes Lamp oil, K1 Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Home heating oil.

2. Like Diesel truck fuel, generally cheaper, but taxes and supply and demand factor into this.

3. Piston engines where made to burn several grades of gasoline for aviation or AVGAS.

You have 100LL which is the most common today, dyed blue it has a lower level of lead then the fuel it was ment to replace 100 octane. That is dyed green in color

130 octane aviation fuel, you don't see anymore, it used to be use in high compression aviation engines, like you used to see on World War II fighters and large piston powered bombers and transports. It was dyed purple.

80 Octane aviation fuel was dyed red and was used in light piston engines until it started to be supplmented by 100 and replaced completely by 100LL.

A lot of older engines that where made to burn 80 octance can be STC'D to burn Autogas. Ditto for some motors made for 100LL

4. Turboprops by definition are turbine engines and yes burn Jet Fuel. Also it should be noted that most turbine engines are capable of burning avgas or other fuels, with limitation on engine settings and such.

There have been helicopters powered both by piston motors and turbine motors, Turbine being the most popular due to size and weight considerations when comparing them to a piston motor of a simular horsepower.