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Emergency Landings/Major Incident

Tue Dec 16, 2003 6:25 am

Has anyone ever been involved on a flight in a full scale emergency landing or major incident onboard.

What happened???

How did the cabin crew react - did they panic or remain calm, etc...

Did they use the emergency chutes to disembark/deplane the aircraft???

Fortunately I have never been on board a flight when an emergency has occurred, my friend was involved on an easyJet flight flying from Liverpool that was involved in a bird strike a few years back on a 737-300.
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RE: Emergency Landings/Major Incident

Tue Dec 16, 2003 9:31 am

Hello Giles

Being a Flight Attendant, we are very well trained and prepated for emergencies onboard. I have only been on board my flights with small galley fires or fires in the toilets

I have, however been in emergencies on other airlines.

JAL 747-200 Mexico City July 2000 - take off roll from a very active MEX runway - engine 4 (far right on 747) caught on fire after a bang. Captain aborted takeoff and we stayed on the active runway whilst he radioed MEX tower - we deplaned down the right hand side shutes only for fear of fuel fire sparked by the shut down engine. On evactuation everyone ran across the taxiways (all traffic I presume was told to hold) and a buses took pax to the terminal. Inside the terminal tears, anger, frustration, shock and it was the same day that Concorde had crashed in Paris ! Cabin Crew were totally USELESS. They had no briefing from their captain - one even disarmed her door to "crack it" to let the smoke escape the cabin !!!!!!!!

Also been on a belly up Landing on an AA B738 arriving at ORD from SFO - in a snow storm - evac via L1 shute single file ...>>>

The best emergency is none - 2nd best is the one you can walk away from alive.

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RE: Emergency Landings/Major Incident

Tue Dec 16, 2003 10:02 am

I did an NTSB search for the incident at ORD, but I could find nothing. Do you remember the date in which this occurred?