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Icelandair 747's?

Wed Jan 12, 2000 10:50 am

Did I read something about Icelandair Boeing 747's, are they freighters or pax service? Is there any truth to this at all or just a rumor? If they are leasing or buying them can someone get me the N number. -Ryan
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RE: Icelandair 747's?

Wed Jan 12, 2000 12:40 pm

Are you sure you're not hearing Air Atlanta Icelandic. From what I hear Icelandair is quite happy with their 737/757 fleet, and don't plan on adding any other types, maybe they're leasing some, but I doubt this is the same Icelandair.

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RE: Icelandair 747's?

Wed Jan 12, 2000 5:20 pm


Icelandair did have a 747 years ago along with a DC10.

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RE: Icelandair 747's?

Thu Jan 13, 2000 12:19 am

From what I've heard Icelandair is considering becoming an All-757 airline. They only have a few 737-400s, they recently replaced their 737F with a 757PF, and hold orders for further 757-200s and 757-300s.
For such a small airline operating a single type, which is as versatile and dynamic on both long and short routes as thr 757 makes sense for Icelandair.

I stronly doubt you'll see a widebody in Icelandair colours anytime soon! If it is, it'll probably be a 767 anyway

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RE: Icelandair 747's?

Thu Jan 13, 2000 11:18 am

I do not know about the 757F, but I thought Icelandair had/s Fokker 50s too, is this true?
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757PF And F50s

Thu Jan 13, 2000 11:24 am

Yes, sorry, I forgot about the F50s. I meant an all 757 jet fleet, I think the F50s only fly within Iceland from Rekyavik, the small airport near the city (sorry if I spelt it wrong) The 757/737 jets fly from the NATO base at Keflavik because the runway is too short at Rekyavik.

The 757-23A (PF) is an RB211-535E4 powered ex-Challenge Air Cargo aircraft, it was added late last year replacing a 737-300PF

Hope that helped