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World Airline Fleet Lists

Wed Jan 12, 2000 2:56 pm

Are there any fleet lists on the net which give the names individual airlines assign to their aircraft? I can't seem to find any that give that info. There are a coouple with reg. #'s etc... but I don't see any with individual names (eg. Alitalia 747-200 "Portofino"). Thanks for you help.
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RE: World Airline Fleet Lists

Wed Jan 12, 2000 8:17 pm

I havn't checked this thoroughly, but you can maybe take a look at this web site:


Some of the SAA fleet's names were listed there, but it was incomplete. SAA have their entire fleet's names listed in their web-site, but then they have omitted to link the names up with the registration numbers.

The above internet site is very useful to have as a quick reference in your favourites anyway.

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RE: World Airline Fleet Lists

Thu Jan 13, 2000 4:25 am

My personal favorite........ http://www.bird.ch/bharms/asr_sh00.htmYou can't really check the entire fleet, it has a list for Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed, then narrow the search down to aircraft type and it will show every operator along with information like year built and line number. -Ryan