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Honda Jet Flight Test Movie (03:50)

Thu Dec 18, 2003 7:57 pm

On the following link to the Honda site you can find a neat movie clip (with music track) of the first Honda Jet test flight, as well as some more detailed information and additional pics.

I posted this info separately from the last Honda thread as the movie clip might specifically interest others who might not have looked at the other thread.

The Honda jet and engine are both very, very interesting - tempting to call the jet son of VFW-Fokker 614. Remarkable to see Honda return to the engine-over-wing concept that first flew on the 614 over 30 years ago!

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Photo © Gerhard Plomitzer
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Photo © Leif Giesecke

Obviously, Honda is not developing both the turbofan and the aircraft for their own amusement. Imagine what Honda's approach to GA production and marketing might be, and its impact. One can't help but speculate what the folks over at Eclipse, Adams and Cessna are thinking about.

Two related links that may be of interest to people that are intrigued by Honda's 'entry' into the 'compact' jet field:

This Is War: Toyota's Plans to Seize the World GA Market

Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS)

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RE: Honda Jet Flight Test Movie (03:50)

Fri Dec 19, 2003 1:47 am

Honda ought to ditch entering the GA a/c market, but should definitely hook up with an a/c manufacturer in which to provide engines for. Eclipse and Adam Aircraft could definitely use the HF118 engine.

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