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Aircraft Damage

Fri Dec 19, 2003 8:42 am

I just notice 2 of the Hot Shots pictures are of Damaged aircraft. How come everyone likes to look at pictures of aircraft this way? I personally find it interesting myself. What about anyone else?
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RE: Aircraft Damage

Fri Dec 19, 2003 8:47 am

It's so fascinating, like the DHL A300 of Baghdad, I mean, how could this one land???? I'm going to be a businessman, so I will someday maybe be able to say: this one is not causing loss anymore...but to see this engineering on it's borderline, totally extreme, more than it could ever stand, and it's still here...

sorry, the Bus was just an example, as I read "Emergency" I think any Boeing tube to be undestroyable...ya know what I mean...

To me, it's just fascinating to see, how filled up with bugs and failures we humans all are, but what is still possible though...awesome...

call me santa-mental...I dant care...

have a great time guys...xmas is coming, be nice to everyone!
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