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Codeshare And Conditions Of Carriage

Fri Dec 19, 2003 11:21 pm

Hello everyone,

I was wondering, what happens when two airlines that do not have harmonized conditions of carriage codeshare, and the operating carrier does something that is in accordance with their own conditions of carriage, but not the conditions of carriage of the issuing carrier. It seems to me the contract is with the issuing carrier, and thus claims can be made if the conditions of carriage of the issuing carrier are violated, claims can be made... but with whom and how. For example, if the issuing carrier offers overnight accomoditions for delays over 6 hours overnight, and the operating carrier for delays over 8 hours overnight, who can one go to to get a room when the delay is 7 hours long? And if the answer is the issuing carrier, what if it happens at an airport with no direct representation by the issuing carrier?

Not that I have come across this yet, but would be useful information.


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