Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 6:56 am

Fifteen years later, the shock and horror remain as strong as it was on that
horrible night.

Pan American World Airways, Flight 103, a Boeing 747-100, took off from London Heathrow Airport on December 21, 1988 at 18.25 hrs. The flight originated in Frankfurt, West Germany, operating a Boeing 727 from FRA to LHR. As Flight 103 was approaching the Burnham VOR it took up a radar heading of 350 degrees and flew below the Bovingdon holding point at 600 feet. It was then cleared to climb initially to flight level FL 120 and subsequently to FL 310. The aircraft levelled off at Fight Level 310 (31,000 feet) nort west of Pole Hill VOR at 18.56 hrs. Approximately 7 minutes later, Shanwick Oceanic Control transmitted the aircraft's oceanic clearance but this transmission was not acknowledged from the aircraft. The secondary radar return from flight PA 103 disappeared from the radar screen during the transmission. The demise of Flight 103 was clocked at 19:02.50.

And death rained upon Lockerbie.........

A male passenger on PA Flight 103 from FRA to LHR (and who did not board the LHR-JFK sector), wrote a note addressed to passenger Suruchi Rattan, aged 3, whom he sat beside on the flight up London. He wrote: "To the little girl in the red dress who made my flight so enjoyable, God Bless you. You didn't deserve this".

The Crew of Pan American World Airways, Flight 103:

The Cockpit Crew:

Captain James Bruce MacQuarrie, 55, from Kensington, New
Hampshire, USA (10910 flight hours of experience). Captain
MacQuarrie had many years experience in flying a 747 for Pan Am.
He was an active member of his worker union and participated
actively in a series of successive strikes against the company few
years earlier.

First Officer (co-pilot) Raymond Ronald Wagner, 52, from
Pennington, new Jersey, USA (11855 flight hours of experience).

Flight engineer Jerry Don Avritt, 46, from Westminster, California,
USA (8068 flight hours of experience).

The Pursers:

· Mary Geraldine Murphy, 51, Twickenham, UK
· Milutin Velimirovich, 35, Hounslow, UK (US citizen)

The Flight Attendants:

· Elisabeth Nichole Avoyne, 44, Croissy-sur-Seine, France, French
· Noelle Lydie Berti, 41, Paris, France, French
· Siv Ulla Engstrom, 51, Windsor, UK, Swedish
· Stacie Denise Franklin, 20, San Diego, USA
· Paul Isaac Garret, 41, Napa, USA
· Elke Etha Kuhne, 43, Hannover, BRD, German
· Maria Nieves Larracoechea, 39, Madrid, Spain
· Lilibeth Tobila Macalolooy, 27, Kelsterbach, BRD, Phillipino
· Jocelyn Reina, 26, Isleworth, UK, American
· Myra Josephine Royal,30, Hanwell, UK, Dominican Republic
· Irja Syhnove Skabo, 38, Oslo, Norway, Finnish

The Passengers:

Ahern, John Michael Gerard, 26, Rockville Center, New York. American
Aicher, Sarah Margaret, 29, London, England. American
· Akerstrom, John David, 34, Medina, Ohio. American
· Alexander, Ronald Ely, 46, New York City. Swiss
· Ammerman, Thomas Joseph, 36, Old Tappan, New Jersey. American
· Apfelbaum, Martin Lewis, 59, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. American
· Asrelsky, Rachel M., 21, New York, NY, American
· Atkinson, William Garretson III, 33, London, American
· Atkinson, Judith Ellen, London, American
· Avoyne, Elisabeth Nicole Marie, Crossy Sur Seine, France, French
· Avritt, Jerry Don, Westminster, California, American
· Bacciochi, Clare Louise (19), Warwickshire, UK, British
· Bainbridge, Harry Michael, 34, Montrose, New York. American
· Barclay, Stuart Murrav, 29, Farm Barnard, Vermont .American
· Bell, Jean Mary, 44, Windsor, England. British
· Benello, Julian MacBain, 25, Brookline, Massachusetts. American
· Bennett, Lawrence RJV, 41, Chelsea, Michigan. American
· Bergstrom, Philip, 22, Forest Lake, Minnesota. American.
· Berkley, Alistair Davis, 29, London, England. British
· Bernstein. Michael Stuart, 36, Bethesda, Maryland. American
· Berrell, Steven Russell, 2O, Fargo, North Dakota. American.
· Bhatia, Surinder Mohan, 51, Los Angeles, California , Indian
· Bissett, Kenneth John, 21, Hartsdale, New York.,American
· Boatman-Fuller, DianeAnne, 37, London, England. Ameriean
· Boland, Stephen John, 20, Nashua, New Hampshire. American
· Bouckley, Glen, 27, Liverpool, New York. British
· Bouckley, Paula, 29, Liverpool, New York. American
· Boulanger, Nicole Elise. 21, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. American
· Boyer, Francis, 43, Toulosane, France. French
· Bright, Nicholas, 32, Brookline, Massachusetts. American
· Browner (Bier), Daniel Solomon, 23, Parod, Israel. Israeli
· Brunner, Colleen Renee, 20, Hamburg, New York. ,American
· Burman, Timothy Guy, 24, London, England. British
· Buser, Michael Warren, 34, Ridgefieid Park, New Jersey, American
· Buser, Warren Max, 62, Glen Rock, New Jersey, American
· Butler, Steven Lee, 35, Denver, Colorado. American
· Cadman, William Martin, 32, London, England. British
· Caffarone, Fabiana, 28, London, England. Argentinian.
· Caffarone, Hernan, 28, London, England. Argentinian
· Canady, Valerie, 25, Morgantown, West Virginia. American
· Capasso, Cregory, 21, Brooklyn, New York. American
· Cardwell, Timothy Michael, 21, Cresco, Pennsylvania. Amcrican
· Carlsson, Bernt Wilmar, 50, NeW York city. Swedish
· Cawley, Richard Anthony, 43, New York City. American
· Ciulla, Frank, 45, Park Ridge, New Jersey, American
· Cohen, Theodora Eugenia, 20, Port Jervis, New York. American
· Coker, Eric Michael, 20, Mendham, New Jersey, American
· Coker, Jason Michael, 20, Mendham, New Jersey, American
· Colasanti, Gary Leonard, 20, Melrose, Massachussets, American
· Concannon, Bridget, 53, Banbury, England. Irish
· Concannon, Sean, 16, Banbury, England. Irish
· Concannon, Thomas, 51, Banbury, England. Irish
· Corner, Tracey Jane, 17 , Millhouses, England. British
· Cory, Scott, 20, Old Lyme Court, Connccticut. American
· Coursey, Willis Larry, 40, San Antonio, Texas. American
· Coyle, Patricia Mary, 20. Wallingford, Coneccticut. American
· Cummock, John Binning, 38, Coral Gables, Florida. American
· Curry, Joseph Patrick, 31, Fort Devens, Massachusetts. American
· Daniels. William ,Allen, 40, Belle Mead, New Jersey. American
· Dater, Gretchen Joyce, 20, Ramsey, New Jersey. American
· Davis, Shannon, 19, Shelton, Connecticut. ,American
· Della Ripa, Gabriel, 46, Floral Park, New York. Italian
· Dimauro, Joyce Christine, 39, New York City. American
· Dinardo, Gianfranca, 26, London, England. Italian
· Dix, Peter Thomas Stanley, 35, London, England. Irish
· Dixit, Om. 54, Fairborn, Ohio. Indian
· Dixit, Shanti, 54, Fairborn, Ohio. Indian
· Dornstein, David Scott, 25, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. American
· Doyle, Michael Joseph, 30, Voorhees, New Jersey. American
· Eggleston, Edgar Howard III, 24, Glens Falls, New York. American
· Ergin, Turhan, 22, West Hartford, Connecticut. American
· Fisher, Charles Thomas IV, 34, London, England. American
· Flick, Clayton Lee, 25, Coventry, England. American
· Flynn, John Patrick, 21, Montville, New Jersey. American
· Fondiler, Arthur, 33, Wst Amonk, New York. American
· Fortune, Robrt Gerard, 40, Jackson heights, New York, American
· Freeman, Paul Matthew Stephen, 25 London, England. Canadian
· Fuller, James Ralph, 50, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, America
· Gabor, Ibolya Robertine 79, Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian
· Gallagher, Amy Beth, 22, Quebec, Canada. American
· Gannon, Matthew Kevin, 34, San Juan Capistrano, California.
· Gareczynnski, Kenneth Raymond, 37 North Brunswick, New Jersey,
· Gibson, Kenneth James, 20, Romulus, Michigan American
· Giebler, William David, 29, London, England. American
· Gordon, Olive Leonora, 9i, London, England. British
· Gordon-Gorgaez, Linda Susan, 39, London, England. American
· Gorgaez, Anne Madelene, 76, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, American
· Gorgaez, Loretta Anne, 47, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, American
· Gould, David, 45, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, American
· Guevorgian, Andre Nikolai, 32, Sea Cliff, New York. French
· Hall, Nieola Jane, 23, Sandton, South Africa, Australian
· Halsch, Lorraine Frances, 31, Fairport, New York. American
· Hartunian, Lynne Carol, 21, Schenectady, New York. American
· Hawkins, Anthony Lacey, 57, Brooklyn, New York. British
· Herbert, Pamela Elaine, 19, Battle Creek, Michigan, American
· Hilbert, Rodney Peter. 40, Newton, Pennsvlvania. American
· Hill, Alfred, 29, Sonthofen, West Germany. West German
· Hollister, Katherine Augusta, 20, Rego Park, New York. American
· Hudson, Josephine Lisa, 22, London, England. British
· Hudson, Melina Kristina, 16, Albany, New York. American
· Hudson, Sophie Ailette Miriam, 26, Paris, France. French
· Hunt, Karen Lee, 20, Webster, New York. American (picture left)
· Hurst, Roger Elwood, 38, Ringwood, New Jersey, American
· Ivell, Elizabeth Sophie, 19, Robertsbridge, East Sussex, England.
· Jaafar, Khalid Nazir, 20, Dearborn, Michigan. Lebanese/American
· Jeck, Robert van Houten, 57. Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, American
· Jeffreys, Paul Avron, 36, Kingston-upon-Thames, England. British
· Jeffreys, Rachel, 23, Kingston-upon-Thames, England. British
· Jermyn, Kathleen Mary, 20, Staten Island, New York. American
· Johnson, Beth Ann, 21, Greensburg, Pennsylvania. American
· Johnson, Mary Alice Lincoln, 25, Wayland, Massachusetts. American
· Johnson, Timothy Baron, 21, Neptune, New Jersey, American
· Jones, Christopher Andrew, 20, Claverack, New York. American
· Kelly, Julianne Frances, 20, Dedham, Massachusetts. American
· Kingham, Jay Joseph. 44, Potomac, Maryland. American
· Klein, Patricia Ann, 35, Trenton, New Jersey American
· Kosmowski, Gregory, 40, MiIford, Michigan. American
· Kulukundis, Minas Christopher, 38, London, England British
· LaRiviere, Ronald Albert, 33, Alexandria, Virginia. American
· Leckburg, Robert Milton, 30, Piscataway, New Jersey, American
· Leyrer, William Chase, 46, Bay Shore, New York. American
· Lincoln, Wendy Anne, 23, North Adams. Massachusetts American
· Lowenstein, Alexander Silas, 21, Morristown, New Jersey, American
· Ludlow, Lloyd David, 41, Macksville, Kansas, American
· Lurbke, Maria Theresia, 25, Balve Beckum, West Germany,
West German
· McAllister, William John, 26, Sunbury-on-Thames, England, British
· McCarthy, Daniel Emmet, 31, Brooklyn, New York, American
· McCollum, Robert Eugene, 61, Wayne, Pennsylvania, American
· McKee, Charles Dennis, 40, Arlington, Virginia , American
· McLaughlin, Bernard Joseph. 30, Bristol, England, American
· Mack, William Edward, 30, New York City American
· Malicote, Douglas Eugene, 22, Lebanon, Ohio. American
· Malicote, Wendy Gay, 21, Lebanon, Ohio. American
· Marek, Elizabeth Lillian, 30, New York City. American
· Marengo, Louis Anthony, 33, Rochester, Michigan. American
· Martin, Noel George, 27, Clapton, England. American
· Maslowski, Diane Slaric, 30 , New York City. American
· Melber, Jane Susan. 27, Middlesex, England. American
· Merrill, John, 35, Hertfordshire, England. British
· Miazga, Suzanne Marie, 22 , Marcy, New York. American
· Miller, Joseph Kenneth, 53, Woodmere, New York. , American
· Mitchell, Jewel Courtney, 39, Brooklvn, New York. Guyanese
· Monetti, Richard Paul, 20, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. American
· Morgan, Jane Ann, 37, London, England. American
· Morson, Eva Ingeborg, 48, New York Citv. German
· Mosey, Helga Rachael, 19, Warley, England. British
· Mulroy, Ingrid Elizabcth, 25, Lund, Sweden. Swedish
· Mulroy, John, 59, East Northport, New York. Irish
· Mulroy, Sean Kevin, 25, Lund, Sweden. American
· Noonan, Karen Elizabeth, 20 , Potomac, Maryland. American
· O'Connor, Daniel Emmett, 31, Boston, Massachusctts. American
· O'Neil, M. Denice, 21 Bronx, New York. American
· Otenasek, Anne Lindsey, 21, Baltimore, Maryland. ,American
· Owen, Bryony Elise, 1, Bristol, England. British
· Owen, Gwyneth Yvonne Margaret 29, Bristol, England. British
· Owens, Laura Abigail. 8, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, American
· Owens, Martha, 44, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. American
· Owens, Robert Plack, 45, Cherry Hill, New Jersey . American
· Owens, Sarah Rebecca, 14, Cherry Hill, New Jersey . American
· Pagnucco, Robert Italo, 51, South Salem, New York. American
· Papadopoulos, Christos Michael, 45, Lawrence, New York.
Greek/ American
· Peirce, Peter Raymond, 40, Perrysburg, Ohio. American
· Pescatore, Michael. 33, Solon, Ohio. American
· Philipps, Sarah Suzanue Buchanan, 20, Newtonville, Massachusetts.
· Phillips, Frederick Sandford, 27, Little Rock, Arkansas. American
· Pitt, James Andrew Campbell, 24, South Hadley, Massachusetts.
· Platt, David, 33, Staten Island, New York. ,American
· Porter, Walter Leonard, 35, Brooklyn, New York. ,American
· Posen, Pamela Lynn, 20, Harrison, New York. American
· Pugh, William, 56, Margate, New Jersey. American
· Quiguvan, Crisostomo Estrella, 43, London, England. Filipino
· Ramses, Rajesh Tarsis Priskcl, 35, Leicester, England. Indian
· Rattan, Anmol, 2, Warren. Michigan. American (Indian)
· Rattan, Garima, 29, Warren, Michigan.,American(Indian)
· Rattan, Suruchi, 3, Warren, Michigan. American (Indian)
· Reeves, Anita Lynn, 24, Laurel, Maryland. American
· Rein, Mark Alan, 44 , New York City. American
· Rencevicz, Diane Marie, 21, Burlington, New Jersey, American
· Rogers, Louise Ann, 20, Olney, Maryland. American
· Roller, Edina, 5, Hungary. Hungarian
· Roller, Janos Gabor, 29, Hungary. Hungarian
· Roller, Zsuzsanna, 27, Hungary, Hungarian
· Root, Hanne Maria, 26, Toronto, Canada. Canadian
· Rosen, Saul Mark, 35, Morris Plains, New Jersey . American
· Rosenthal, Andrea Victoria, 20, New York Citv. American
· Rosenthal, Daniel Peter, 20, Staten Island, New York. .American
· Rubin, Arnaud David, 28, Waterloo, Belgium. Belgian
· Saraceni, Elyse Jeanne, 20, East London, England. American
· Saunders, Scott Christopher, 21, Macungie, Pennsylvania. American
· Saunders, Theresa Elizabeth, 28, Sunbury-on-Thames, England.
· Schauble, Johanness Otto, 41, Kappellenweg, West Germany ,
West German
· Schlageter, Robert Thomas, 20, Warwick. Rhode Island. American
· Schultz., Thomas Britton, 20, Ridgefield, Conneccticut. American
· Scott, Sally Elizabeth, 22, Huntington, New York. British
· Shapiro, Amy Elizabeth, 21, Stamford, Conneccticut. American
· Shastri, Mridula, 24, Oxford, England. Indian
· Sheanshang, Joan, 46, New York City. American
· Sigal, Irving Stanley, 35, Pennington, New Jersey . American
· Simpson, Martin Bernard Christopher, 52, Brooklyn, New York.
South African
· Smith, Cynthia Joan, 21, Milton, Massachusctts. American
· Smith. Ingrid Anita, 31, Berkshire, England. British
· Smith, James Alvin, 55, New York Citv. American
· Smith, Mary Edna, 3l, Kalamazoo, Michigan. American
· Stevenson, Geraldine Anne, 37, Esher, England. British
· Stevenson, Hannah Louise, 10, Esher, England. British
· Stevenson, John Charles. 38, Esher, England. British
· Stevenson, Rachael. 8, Esher, England. British
· Stinnett, Charlotte Ann, 36, New York City. American
· Stinnett, Michael Gary, 26, Duncanville, Texas. American
· Stinnett, Stacey Leanny, 9, Duncanville, Texas. American
· Stow, James Ralph, 49, York City. American
· Stratis, Elia G., 43, Montvale, New Jersey . American
· Swan, Anthony Selwyn, 29, Brooklyn, New York. Trinidadian
· Swire, Flora Margaret, 24, London, England. British
· Tager, Marc Alex, 22, London, England. British
· Tanaka, Hidekazu, 26, London, England. Japanese
· Teran, Andrew Alexander, 20, New Haven, Conneccticut.
British/ Bolivian
· Thomas, Arva Anthony, 17, Detroit, Michigan. American
· Thomas, Jonathan Ryan, 2 months, Southfield, Michigan. American
· Thomas, Lawanda, 21, Southfield, Michigan. American
· Tobin, Marc; Lawrence,21, North Hempstead, New York. American
· Trimmer-Smith, David William, 51, New York City. British
· Tsairis, Alexia Kathryn, 20, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, American
· Valentino, Barry Joseph, 28, San Francisco, California. American
· Van Tienhoven, ThomasS Floro, 45, Buenos Aires Argcntina,
· Veidany, Asaad Eidi, 46, Great Neck, Néw York. Iranian
· Vrenios, Nicholas Andreas, 20, Washiligton, D C. American
· Vulcu, Peter, 21, Alliance, Ohio. Romanian
· Waido, Janina Jozefa, 61, Chicago, Illinois. Polish
· Walker, Thomas Edwin, 47, Quincy, Massucilusctts. American
· Weedon, Kesha, 20, Bronx, New York. American
· Weston, Jerome Lee, 45, Baldwin, New York. American
· White, Jonathan, 33, North Hollywood, California. American
· Williams, Bonnie Leigh, 21, Crown Point, New York. American
· Williams, Brittany Leigh, 2 months, Crown Point, New York American
· Williams, Eric Jon, 24, Crown Point, New York. American
· Williams, Ceorge Waterson, 34, Joppa, Maryland. American
· Williams, Stephanie Leigh, 1. Crown Point, New York. American
· Wolfe, Miriam Luby, 20, Severna Park. Maryland. American
· Woods, Chelsea Marie, 10 months, Willingboro, New Jersey. American
· Woods, Dedera Lynn, 27, Willingboro, New Jersey. American
· Woods, Joe Nathan, 28, Willingboro, New Jersey . American
· Woods, Joe Nathan, Jr., 2, Willingboro, New Jersey . American
· Wright, Andrew Christopher Gillies, 24, Surrey, England. British
· Zwynenburg, Mark James, 29, West Nyack, New York. American

The Victims of Lockerbie (Residents):

Joanne Flannigan, 10
Kathleen Mary Flannigan, 41
Thomas Brown Flannigan, 44
Dora Henrietta Henry, 56
Maurice Peter Henry, 63
Mary Lancaster, 81
Jean Aitken Murray, 82
John Somerville, 40
Lynsey Ann Somerville,10
Paul Somerville, 13
Rosalind Hanney Somerville, 40

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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 7:01 am

How Sad. It's a shame that such a tragic event was allowed to happen. Lucky for technology and security today, hopefully something like this will never happen again.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 7:09 am

An article written by a friend of Pan Am 103 Flight Attendant Jocelyn Reina, aged 26:

"Here's the column I wrote about Jocelyn Reina. It ran in the Berkeley
Voice, a small biweekly paper in Berkeley, Calif., on Jan. 26, 1989. The
column was called Right Here and that was it's standing headline. The piece
strikes me now as a bit of juvenile writing, but what the hell. I was only
25, and we all have to come from someplace, and it does contain some
biographical background about one of the 103 flight attendants. The high
school mentioned is John F. Kennedy High School in La Palma, Calif., which
is a suburb of Los Angeles. The junior college mentioned is Cypress
College, which is in the neighboring town of Cypress."

Here it is:

At first it was just another story. Tom Brokaw and lots of tape. Big
headlines in the morning paper. Another plane crash.

I watched. We watch, don't we? We see the wreckage and we hear the
witnessess. We always get to see the "see agent" notice on the arrivals
board, the relatives being hurried into VIP lounges.

There are always the stories brimming with terrible irony. The man who
missed the plane. The crew member who was going to retire.

And we heard the speculation about sabotage. It could have been structural
failure, the experts said, but it could have been a bomb.

And we knew all along, I think. We weren't surprised, were we, when they
finally said yes, it was a bomb.

The first time I met Kim she came walking up to me with her hand extended.

"How do you do," she said. "I'm Warner Erhard."

We were in high school. I was working on the school paper and she was in
the student council. The two groups were rivals but we shared the same
room. I had been writing pseudo-mystical rantings on the chalkboard,
addressed to our student governors and signed, "the Maharishi."

She liked them and found out who I was and introduced herself and we became friends.

Not good friends, just friends. Part of a group. There was Mike and Walt
and Stacey and Kim and Kevin and me and Kevin and Eric. Just names, just

We hung out and listened to records and went to school and drank and
watched TV and went to the movies and to see bands and we worked jobs
sometimes and loitered in the park and smoked pot. And sometimes she was
there and sometimes she wasn't.

She was going to be an actress then, and partly because she wanted a stage
name and partly because she was tired of being called Kimberly, she changed
her name to Jocelyn.

We went to see her act in some plays at the junior college and she wasn't
bad, I guess. I don't know, really. She was just Kim. She was just Jocelyn.

And I went away to college and she got married, and slowly the acting
career faded away and she did other things. She just worked. She was a hair
stylist for a while. I didn't see her for years. She got divorced.

And now I only keep in touch with Mike from the old group, and a few months
ago he saw her again.

She was working as a flight attendant and she was on a quick stopover in
San Francisco. She was living in England and having such a good time and
she liked her job. But she was so tired. Well, maybe next time I'm in town
we'll have more time. I won't be so exhausted. Yes, next time you're in

And Mike went to visit his family for the holidays and his sister showed
him a line in the newspaper and changed Christmas for him this year and
probably next year too.

And he called me and left a cryptic message on the machine, so I called
his parents and they told me why he'd called. And I put a picture of
Jocelyn in my mind. There she was.

And I tried to picture what it must have been like. What she went through,
what she thought, what she felt. And of course I couldn't. I couldn't begin
to imagine.

And I dug up that newspaper from the other day and looked at the list of
victims. And there she was, one of 258 names. Hers was under "Flight
Attendants (London-based)."

Jocelyn Reina, 26, Middlesex, England.

Nobody important, nothing ironic. Not anybody Tom Brokaw might single out.
Just a name. Just another victim.

Just somebody's old friend.

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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 7:15 am

Lucky for technology and security today, hopefully something like this will never happen again.

I'd say intentionally slamming a 767 into a building after hijacking it with boxcutters, qualifies under the "something like this" banner......

...and if that doesn't; then ineptly trying to light one's shoe full of highpowered explosives, while cruising between France and Florida; certainly comes close.

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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 7:25 am

May the rest in peace.

Pan Am - The World's Most Experienced Airline.

RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 7:28 am

The Crew of Pan Am 103: Stories and Rememberance

Of course ALL the victims of PA103 are to be remembered; of course each and every one of them has their own story worth sharing, worth remembering.
I am focusing on the crew of PA103. If anyone has an article about a passenger of PA103, please feel free to post it here on this thread.

The Crew:

Captain J.B.MacQuarrie

Captain Herb Fisher writes: writes:
"I was fortunate enough to know Jim MacQuarrie both as an ALPA Member when he was MEC Chairman (President) of ALPA at Pan Am and as a Crewmember. I flew First Officer for him a number of times on the L-1011- in fact, he was the Captain on my last Pan Am Flight before I went to United Airlines as part of the Pacific Route Sale.

Jim had the opportunity to go to United as well, which was the obvious choice for those of us considering security and advancement. We all loved Pan Am, but I guess Jim loved it more than most.

Jim exemplified the Union Movement at its best. He could be a very tough negotiator and, if necessary, a thorn in the side of "the Company", but he always had the long term best interests of Pan Am at heart. He understood that destroying the organization that wrote the paychecks was sometimes possible, occasionally popular, but never very smart. He performed an impressive balancing act in precarious times and predictably made enemies among Union and Company people.

Jim was an impressive guy. He could do a fair impression of a Teamsters' Shop Steward if necessary, but he was extremely intelligent and an exceptionally fine Airman. I know Jim had a Son who was flying off a Carrier in the Med in '86 and later ended up for Act III at Pan Am. If he reads this, I'm the guy who gave Jim the Mushroom Cloud "Now it's Miller Time" T- Shirt to send to you. Like to hear from you.


Herb Fischer
Captain (Retired)

1989-article from AWAKE! about crew member Paul Garrett, kindly provided by Robert Mitchell.
*********************************************** ********** writes:
I was a flight attendant for Pan Am at the time of the bombing. I was usually sceduled to fly 103 because I was language qualified. I knew Stacie Franklin fairly well. She graduated in the training class about 2 months after I did.
She was only a flight attendant for about 6 months before she died. She was a sweet, young girl and this should never have happened to her. Like myself, she never wanted to be anything eccept a flight attendant.
Jim MacQuarrie and I also flew together often. When I first started with Pan Am we had to fly for 6 months as "Silver Wingers". After our probation period we received our gold wings. When I had passed my probation period it happend to coincide with a flight to Frankfurt. Jim took the crew to a restaurant which was always frequented by flight attendants. The place was always packed. Jim stood up and announced to the whole room that he had a special announcement. He presented my gold wings to me in front of about 100 of my peers. I will never forget how special he made this for me.

I am writing this to you because I though that it ws important for people to know how special these people were. Also how hard it is to put your life "on the line" every day. I quit a few months after the crash. I just couldn't deal with it all. I hope people never forget that this never had to happen. A crash is one thing, but a bombing just never makes sense.
************************************* ******************

Andrea Strickland writes:
I can't believe it has been 9 years since this tragedy has occured. It still haunts me to this day! I was watching Nightline last night and saw a feature on how the Scottish people dealt with the destruction and how they lended a helping hand to all of the suffering victims (Great story). I have always been interested with any information I can find about Pan Am flight103 because one of my closest friends was the youngest crew member on that plane, Stacie Denise Franklin.

I really don't know what information you are lookng for about the crew members and frankly I have lost contact with her parents so I don't know want to step on any toes saying things that the family doesn't want repeated. But I will tell you this, I truly have still never known a more caring and friendly individual in all of my life! Stacie was very determined and always got what she wanted. As you can see, she was only 20 years old and was a flight attendant on a major airline.

Stacie lived in Phoenix, Arizona up until she joined the crew with Pan Am and it was then her parents moved to San Diego. She was such a people person and she had so many friends that it was a hard adjustment for her and she was actually planning on quitting in May 1989 to attend a University. What Stacie didn't know, and what makes this tragedy much more harder to bear is that Stacie was on her way home to spend Christmas with her family and her boyfriend. Her longtime boyfriend, whom she loved and wanted to marry desperately, had bought her an engagement ring and was planning to ask her to marry him on Christmas (this was something she had always wanted).

After the crash, I collected every peice of literature I could find on the crash, and even put together a video tribute of her, which was shown at her memorial service (which happened to be the largest memorial service I have ever attended). Her death received a lot of press in Phoenix, and many from the community came to pay their tribute.

To this day I am still haunted by her death. I always wonder how she died or where she landed. Was she alive as she was falling? I'll never know. I just became a member of the "internet surf club" and decided to check out any sites pertaining to the crash. Yours is fabulous! And I thank you! It is very hard to find anything out about the crew because your're right, the focus is put on the passengers. I did one time see a clipping from one of the wreckage pictures on some doucmentary and it was Stacie's passport laying on the ground and blowing in the wind. The reporters didn't comment on who it was, but I knew and it was at that moment when the whole thing became very real to me!
************************************** *******************

Robert Martin writes:
I was based in JFK at the time of 103. I was first hired back in 1973, and worked with Mary Murphy. Miss Mary was not only my friend, but my mentor and teacher as well. I flew on couple of flights with Mary and you could'nt ask for a more better friend than her. When I got my gold wings after probation, Mary gave me a small English tea pot when I passed probation as a gift for congratulating me on getting my gold wings.

She was a very sweet lady who loved her job. She encouraged me to train for Purser and always had a kind word of encouragement. The last time I saw Mary was when my mum had to fly to London to bury her mother. Mary was on that flight and she took care of my mother all the way. In fact, mary took my mother from coach to first class where my mother could have some privacy and quiet. Needless to say, Mum was very glad to have Mary around.

When I was flying home from FRA to JFK, we all got word of 103. My heart sank,and I could'nt say what I wanted to say. I was so speechless. I also knew Stacie very well,and it broke my heart to loose two dear friends on that flight. Mary taught me everything there was to know about being a flight attendant. Always a smile, always a kind word,and never failed with her British sense of humor as well. To this day, I cannot look at the pictures of what happened. I am still in shock after all these years!!

I stayed on with Pan Am after 103 until the bitter end. When we landed in LAX, we found out we no longer had a job with Pan Am. The cabin strippers were already on board taking things out as the passengers were leaving. I still think about Mary and Stacie from time to time. I now work as a In-Service Flight Director for a charter airline out of MSP and due to step down in September after 23 years of flying. Pan Am is still dear and near to my heart!! Especially our fallen commrades on 103. Let us think about our Pan Am family that died so quickly and think about the love they left behind. Let us not ever forget 103.

Thank you for letting me share.

Robert Martin
Class 12-1973

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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 7:43 am

I've stood beside the rebuilt PA103 fuselage at Farnborough and touched the metal tear where the bomb explosion punctured the skin. Very poignant to look up at the windows.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 7:57 am

I tell ya that flight still ticks me off. Can anyone tell me why people hate each other so damn much that they would blow a plane out of the sky? It's ridiculous. I pray that the families are at peace now. Hopefully something like that or 9/11 will never happen again to any country.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:01 am

I remember the day well. I was about to leave work for my Christmas holiday, when my colleague came in to my office and told me about it.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:14 am

I'd say intentionally slamming a 767 into a building after hijacking it with boxcutters, qualifies under the "something like this" banner......

...and if that doesn't; then ineptly trying to light one's shoe full of highpowered explosives, while cruising between France and Florida; certainly comes close.

ConcordeBoy Actually there is a difference. Both of those were suicide attacks. This was where someone actually planted a bomb onboard the aircraft, and the suspect lived to tell about it.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:25 am

Wow!! Those are very long list with these people onboard of the Pan Am by B747 aircraft en-route from LHR to JFK flight. I think this is correct still I remember about Pan Am was flies nonstop from LHR-JFK by night flight. I am very sad to hear about what terrorist did blow up with ex-Pan Am 747 and he was make hidden with the explosives with his bag onboard of the cargo hold. The screening did not good job for looking for the explosives. So they should need improved to get better security at the airport.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:27 am

Wow reading these stories makes me feel like it was yesterday. I remember where I was when I heard the news. I was working as a travel agent, and was actually done for the day, finishing some last minute stuff most likely, when my phone rang on a line only somebody who knew I was still at work would call if they wanted me to answer. Well I answered and quickly turned on the TV set we had in the office to show travel videos.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:34 am

This article is even more interesting now, since the US and Britain have jointly announced that Qaddafi will be giving up his weapons of mass destruction. The WMD decision is the result of 9 months of negotiations that were facilitiated, in part, by cooperation on the PanAm 103 negotiations.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:49 am

It's sobering to read that list of names of ages and to see infants, teenages, parents, grandparents, entire families killed. It's even more sobering to read about the individuals who died that day. Sometimes it's pretty easy to read about a crash and not really consider what wonderful, good-hearted people died and how many people were touched by their passing. Recollections like these are a good way to keep it in perspective.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 9:28 am

As a high school junior, the Pan Am crash hit our hometown hard. I grew up in Mendham, NJ and as you read the passenger list, you will see a pair of boys, twins actually, Eric and Jason Coker, from Mendham.
I went to school with their stepbrother and went to his house to remember their lives and to reflect upon what happened. It's the closest I've been to knowing someone involved in an accident, even to this day, even after being in the airline industry for 10 years now.
I remember the shock that the community was in during the initial findings that a bomb had taken the 747 down. I remember the crusades that the families went on to get justice done and how another local resident, the mother of Alexander Lowenstein, another Mendham crash victim (listed as Morristown above) was at the forefront.
I remember my father picking me up from basketball practice that night of Dec. 21st like it was yesterday. The car, the darkness, the news report and the snow falling causing traffic to back up along Route 24. I slept with the radio on that night as I always did, to the NYC FM station Z-100, and I heard something in the middle of my sleep, the town's name of Mendham. I didn't think much of it, thought it was a dream. I remembered asking why our friend Brian wasn't in school that day and how the news came down about his family's tragic loss.

I think about this accident more than any one in aviation history. Not 9-11, not Sioux City, not Air Florida. This one hit home and every December 21st, I think of that fateful night in Lockerbie and in Mendham.

Say a prayer or do what you like best this day and remember those lost.

"Irregardless, it's a Cat III airplane, we don't need an alternate!"
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 10:48 am

Excellent tribute everyone! Does anyone know where we could find actual pictures of the crew? You guys are all is difficult to find any info on the crew, let alone pics...I would love to see their faces and put faces to names. I am suprised they are difficult to find.

Thanks for a great post.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 10:54 am

I remember Pan Am Flight 103 like it was yesterday. Among those killed were thirty-five Syracuse University students and students with SU's Study Abroad program. My mom was working with the study abroad program in which the students killed were with. She felt every death as if it was her own and it was a terrible tragedy that hit all of Syracuse. Pan Am flight 103 was a barbaric act of terrorism, paralleled only by the events of 9/11.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 5:53 pm

I can't see why people enjoy doing this to aeroplanes Sad
To the victims of Pam Am flight 103 you will never be forgotten and will for ever be in our hearts. R.I.P.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 6:36 pm


Wow, what a heartfelt tribute - amazed by the stories the thread has inspired (not out of nowhere).

Cheers, Clipper
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 7:29 pm

From my north facing bedroom window, at home on the Northeast coast of England, I can look up into the sky and see the contrails of jets flying up the UK then further into the distance they bear left and out over the Atlantic to North America. PA103 never made it out on its homeward leg over the Atlantic.

I remember that night on 21/12/88, as a 10 year old I was eagerly awaiting Christmas. The house was being decorated and the usual festive songs were playing on the TV. It was the most normal scene of annual preparations for Christmas. This scene was being played out in many homes across the country. At 7 pm on that night in Lockerbie, a town until that point so anonymous, I had never even heard of it before, I am sure the scene was the same.

We all know what happened so soon and very suddenly after, until now though I did not have the names to go with the faces I have in my mind, falling through the darkness or those in thier homes below. The list above provides a very real reminder of these people who were just going about thier lives. May they all be remembered and may they rest in peace.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:02 pm

Remember that night like it was yesterday  Sad It was a Tuesday night, I was at home watching Emmerdale Farm (was 5 at the time) and heard a massive bang. My mother and my aunty thought the local Nuclear power plant had blown up, so we looked outside and saw a big orange ball in the sky. We learned about 20 mins later on the news that it was a 747 in a ball of flames and that it had crashed on Lockerbie  Sad My Uncle got called out to help with the traffic around Lockerbie (he was a policeman back then). We were all so shocked... That night still gives me the chills to this day.
Anyway, around Lockerbie you can still see small fragments of the a/c on the hills, although most of the parts bigger than 5cm in diameter were recovered.

Dont know what will be happening in Lockerbie tomorrow, but I would think they'll have a ceremony at the Garden of Rememberance.
Very sad day tomorrow will be  Sad  Sad  Sad
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 8:28 pm

On leaving work at LHR that day, I saw the 747 depart, not that I took much notice as PA 747s were a common sight then.
At the time, I worked in BA 747 maintenance, on the -136/-236 fleets.
I remember the news flash like it was yesterday.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sat Dec 20, 2003 11:32 pm

Was only 5 years old then so i don't remember much about the incident, except seeing pictures of a large crater in the ground and a row of demolished houses on TV.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sun Dec 21, 2003 3:39 am

I was in my teens when flight 103 was brought down over Lockerbie and I remember most clearly the effect that it had on the residents of Lockerbie and the Scottish people. We were completely astounded that carnage of this scale could happen in Scotland and that anyone could intentionally cause such devastation and human tragedy.

Now, after much political wrangling and a lengthy and expensive trial Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the bombing of Pan Am 103, resides in Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow. The Scottish/British tax payer forking out to keep him there and to house and support his wife (and children) who were reported to have relocated to Scotland so that they could visit him. Is his 27 year sentence sufficient for the murder of all those people? Was justice served? These questions are still being debated but this isn't really the thread to do so.

I have friends in the town of Lockerbie and they are tired of the international media attention that inevitably comes at this time of year and anytime an aviation disaster happens. They want to remember and pay respects in their own way, not in front of journalists or TV cameras, but I suppose one can understand the interest from the public as it was the 9-11 of its time.

Each year on the evening of December 21st I light a candle in remembrance of those lost and for those affected by the bombing of 103. Maybe some of you will too.

God bless them all.


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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sun Dec 21, 2003 3:59 am

I've been off-line for awhile, as I have been busy.
I'm pleased I came aboard to remind me of this event.

What a great tribute in posting all names.Thanks!
I extend in my prayers tonight, in giving the surviving
members of flight 103,who lost love ones,
the strength and courage to continue with life.

God bless you!
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sun Dec 21, 2003 4:08 am

Each year, like many others, I remember at this time my 16 friends that were killed on PA103. I sometimes think that maybe this will be the year that I can remember then without crying, but so far it hasn't worked. Will it ever stop hurting like it does? For all of you who are so kind in thinking of my friends and of course all of the others, thank you for your thoughts.

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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sun Dec 21, 2003 4:22 am

I remember Mridula Shastry.

She was a Rhodes Scholar studying Medicine at Oxford, and was flying to New York to meet her fiance for Christmas.

When I lived in India as a kid during my Dad's posting with Esso Eastern, Mridula and I trained with the same swimming coach. She was fabulous, and eventually became an All-India Swimming Star, while the rest of us grumbled about doing a zillion laps on a very hot May morning in Bombay. One day, when this guy, Judah, a big bully was giving me grief about how I was a big sissy because my best friends were girls, Mridula talked him down in the most articulate, polished English I'd ever witnessed in my life. She was very, very smart.

They never found her body. Apparently she was seated in the mid section that slammed into the center of Lockerbie creating that huge crater.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sun Dec 21, 2003 4:32 am

I believe our friend B747Skipper was supposed to dead-head on Pan Am 103 back to JFK on that night, but didn't for some reason or another, I think he also knew the crew very well - guys like him (and some others on this thread) will really remember Flt 103 forever.

To think that one of the guys that did it now lives in a "prison cell" that's more akin to one of Saddam's palaces sickens me, why he should get special treatment is beyond my reasoning!

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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Sun Dec 21, 2003 4:56 am

Time got it right, there is a lot that is untold. There are many that still walk free after this atrocious act.

Thanks for this post and the reminder.

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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Mon Dec 22, 2003 12:02 am

Is that the current time magazine or a previous edition?
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Mon Dec 22, 2003 2:05 am

Luv2fly: Hard to tell, but I think it's the one from 1988.....the font on that is etched in my memory. I had just walked off a plane in CLT, connecting to TPA and saw it on the TV as I was walking past a bar to make my connection. I had just quit smoking and almost started again after seeing that.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Mon Dec 22, 2003 2:33 am

I was in a pub with my friends when I heard the news. The friend that broke the news was originally from near to Lockerbie.

I remember that night everytime I make the regular trip through Scotland, and see the Lockerbie signpost on the M74.

May the souls rest in peace, never to be forgotten.

May it be a cold, hostile night in a Glasgow jail.
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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Mon Dec 22, 2003 4:20 am

15 years on and today "UK Families Flight 103" have made renewed calls for an independent inquiry into the bombing of Pan Am 103.

This quote from Reuters:

"We cannot rest until we know the full truth of what happened at Lockerbie," the group said in a statement. "We live without them every day, we owe it to them to find out what happened.

"After all this time, our questions are the same: Why did it happen? What was the motivation behind it? Who was responsible for planning it? Who paid for it? How was it allowed to happen?" the group said.

"The trial and the subsequent appeal provided only the facts needed for a conviction and many important issues were deemed irrelevant."

This appeal for an inqiry comes at a time when it looks like Libya is about to be welcomed back into the international community by the UK and America.

As we remember those murdered 15 years ago tonight we too should be asking the same questions that the families who lost loved ones want answered.

They deserve to have them answered and to find some peace.

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RE: Pan American Flight 103: 15 Years Ago

Mon Dec 22, 2003 4:33 am

Drove past the site on 26 Dec on way to Edinburgh.

Three abiding memories,

The wreckage, both metal and brick, that was still littering the A74

JCB so deep in that crater all you could see was the top of the bucket

The police having a MINIMUM speed limit of 60 past the site, and getting a thumbs up from one of them for not rubbernecking when i went past well in excess of 70

Very Sad time

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