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"From The Cockpit"

Thu Jan 13, 2000 2:20 am

Last night I had the pleasure to fly from SFO to JFK on United flight 810, A B767-200 N605UA. This was my first flight on United. Most are on either Delta, American, or TWA, Because I usually try to fly from SWF.(Newburgh, NY)
After this flight last night I think more and more of my future flights will be on UA. Excellent service, excellent food and the best of all was what I found on Channel 9 of the entertainment system,,,it was titled "From the cockpit" Most of you probably know what this is but for those of you who dont, it is the feed from the radio. You hear all the ATC correspondence that the pilot does! I listened to it the whole 5 hours!
Is United the only airline that does this? Its a great idea.
Incidentally...I was re-booked onto that UA flight by a very rude and uncooperative Delta agent after DA1130 was to be 2 hours late, missing my connection in SLC to JFK. She wanted me to wait until this morning for the next Delta flight, But I had to be home last night. I Missed flying the DA B727 but "from the cockpit" more than made up for it!

RE: "From The Cockpit"

Thu Jan 13, 2000 3:37 am

Hi 1011 Fan,

I experienced the same thing last week Friday on my flight from Hartford to Washington Dulles on United Airlines' flight 45, a B 737-500.
I liked it very much too and I enjoyed it the whole flight.
I hope some more airlines do that as well.

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RE: "From The Cockpit"

Thu Jan 13, 2000 5:02 am

This has been discussed quite a bit on the forum. UAL is the only United States airline as far as I know. I believe it's done at the captain's discretion. Most keep it on but I've been on many United flights when the captain has not turned it on.
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RE: "From The Cockpit"

Thu Jan 13, 2000 7:24 am

I've heard that on Delta's L1011 flights, you can watch where you are on the video screen. Is ther any truth to this?
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RE: "From The Cockpit"

Thu Jan 13, 2000 9:11 am

Most of Delta's fleet equipped with movie screens shows where you are, speed, wind and outside air temp as well as eta to the destination. The B767-300ER N154DL I flew out to SFO on last week showed this the whole time from gate to gate with the exception of when the movie was on.Its cool but not as much so as listening to ATC.

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