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This Week's Flight - Boeing Feature

Thu Jan 13, 2000 2:47 am

This week's FLIGHT magazine, 11-17/1/00 (764 on cover) is well worth a look. There's a major feature on Boeing plans, which I will try to summarize very briefly:

717-300 (I didn't believe this one, but it's true!)

737-700ER Makes sense

747-400X Decision this year, for service entry 04/05. 446 seater (3 class) - 16,000kms (10,000mls)
500 seater - 14,000 kms
About bloody time.

757-200ER Sounds interesting. 650km (400mi) range increase.

767-3/400ER No one losing sleep in Toulouse yet. I quote "The A330-200's advantage over the -400 is range. We know how to fix that". Nearly right. Range and . . . and . . . and ... (fill in the gaps, guys).

777X Number one priority, but still building around the GE90. Hmm . . . God loves an optimist.

So, despite my slightly caustic words, they're doing quite a bit. The 747-400 is obviously the most interesting here. The 777X could be such a good aircraft if it had a decent engine - or even if there was a choice, but the Boeing sales people must feel like schmucks going out and trying to foist an engine on airlines that really don't want it - particularly given the current problems.

(Boy, am I going to get flamed for this one . . .)