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ATL Short Staffed?

Sun Dec 21, 2003 10:45 am

I was picking someone up from the airport today, and his DL CRJ flight from ATL was an hour late (I didn't really mind, went out to the viewing area to spot) because they didn't have any baggage handlers to load the plane. I guess the captain eventually went out and loaded it up. (sounds like southwest to me)
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RE: ATL Short Staffed?

Sun Dec 21, 2003 12:16 pm

ASA has always had a problem with ramp staffing levels. They seem to have a new class of rampers on OJT every week. The problem is that the large number of bad workers end up causing the good workers to quit in frustration. But it also could have had something to do with the time of the day as well. Some of the rampers seem to think that regardless of how many a/c are in their gate that when it's time for their shift to end, they are not obligated to stay past their shift ending time. There were a few times I came in early to either run the gate or run bags, and the morning shift would just slack off once the first evening shift guys came in @ 3 pm. I remember coming in one afternoon and a 3:15 departure to MYR was still not even loaded and the ramp crew is all sitting in the pillbox. I brought the bag cart planeside, and went into the pillbox and said we have a plane to load, and they just looked at me and sat there. The plane is supposed to leave in 5 minutes, and not a single bag is loaded yet. By the time the plane was loaded (after having to get the ramp manager out there to get them out of the pillbox, as our zone supervisor had about the same luck as I did). I've thought about trying to get back on @ ASA, but decided I don't want to revisit the b.s. I had to deal with back when I worked there.