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RE: SWA To Pittsburgh?

Thu Jan 13, 2000 2:21 pm

I was reading this topic (http://www.airliners.net/discussions/general_aviation/read.main?id=69250) and I wanted to comment on it.

There are several gates at PIT that are not decorated for a particular carrier. Yes, they're on the D concourse.

I believe that PIT is a perfect market for Southwest. Here are my reasons:

1) It's dominated by a single carrier who controls the prices in that market
2) The people of Pittsburgh are thrifty. They like to save money.
3) PIT has very few weather and/or ATC delays.
4) The cost of labor and the cost of living is very low there.

The city of Pittsburgh has offered to build a new maintenance facility at the airport for US Airways. I've heard that US Airways snubbed this offer. If the offer is extended to Southwest, it would make a great east coast maintenance base.

It's just my opinion.
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RE: SWA To Pittsburgh?

Thu Jan 13, 2000 4:23 pm

It seems like Southwest's new destinations are revealed with all the anticipation of a Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. One of the books that I have (Airline Odyssey by Ott & Neidl) mentions that in its early days Southwest generated complex formulas about what new cities to enter. They've worked so fat and Herb is determined to stick by them. Most importantly they review the records to find the city-pair links that are most frequented by the prospective city. Since Southwest does mainly nonstop travel, these pairings are important. If PIT residents frequent Southwest's other major cities, I'm sure they're on to it. I imagine that USAirways might have a lot of loyalty in PIT that would be hard to overcome. It wouldn't hurt USAirways too much to drop the prices on a few obscure routes out of PIT with which SW would compete.

I have to give Southwest credit for managing its growth so well. This company could have grown explosively, but instead they've been solid - slow growth irons out mistakes before they can be damaging.