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Alaska And/or Delta Lost My Luggage

Thu Dec 25, 2003 5:31 pm

In a recent trip I checked in three pieces of luggage with Alaska/Horizon connecting to a Delta flight to my final destination. Only two luggage out of tree surfaced on the carousel at destination.

I claimed the loss to Delta who gave me access to walk on my own trough their lost and found warehouse, find and help myself with whatever.

I didn't find my luggage and Delta employee told me that the lost luggage claim that I filled with them is in no way a liability acceptance by the airline. The only hope that I've got from them at the time was something like . . . " If we gonna find it, will ship it to you but we don't promise anything . . ."

Although both airlines have my address and phone number, so far ( it has been 3 months you know . . .) I received a single phone call from a Delta employee asking me if I remember the code-bar number on my lost luggage ??!!

Is there any legal way that I could possibly recover the $ 50 US value of my lost luggage?

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RE: Alaska And/or Delta Lost My Luggage

Thu Dec 25, 2003 6:37 pm

File your lost luggage claim with Delta. The last carrier is responsible, up to the limit which is about $1400US I think. However, if you were a nonrev you're screwed
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RE: Alaska And/or Delta Lost My Luggage

Fri Dec 26, 2003 12:52 am

The liability limit on lost or destroyed baggage was raised from $1250 maximum per passenger to $2500 maximum per passenger in 1999. As was previously mentioned, ultimately it is the responsibility of the last carrier you flew on (in this case, Delta) to recover your belongings or compensate you accordingly.

Bear in mind that if you were late checking in you voluntarily separated yourself from your baggage and would bear sole responsibility for the loss of your bags.
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