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Thumbs Up To AF Frequence Plus Personnel!

Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:03 pm

Most posts about airline service seem to be bitching about it, so here's one in favor of an airline.
Even though some AF check-in personnel need to be sent to education school (future trip report coming up about that), their FF helpdesk personnel make up for that.
Last week I flew DUB-CDG-LYS return, and upon coming back to the Emerald Isle I noticed that my FF account had not been credited for the CDG to LYS return leg.
So I promptly called the AF FF service about the matter, and was first told that my flights had been booked in a class of travel that does not entitle you to any mileage.
That did not seem right to me as I had flown these sectors quite a lot this year and there had not been any problem of the sort.
Thing is, I needed these two flights to keep my SkyTeam Elite status, so I felt a bit robbed as no mention of the travel class (Y,M, etc..) is mentioned upon booking.
They promised to call me back ASAP, but being in the call center business, I know what that means.
I was wrong. A manager called me back, explained that I had been booked in the wrong travel class of the CDG to LYS sectors and advised me that the necessary adjustments had been made.
 Big thumbs up Thumbs up to AF Frequence Plus call centre personnel...this is why I've been sticking to AF for 10 years now.
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RE: Thumbs Up To AF Frequence Plus Personnel!

Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:34 pm

Quite the opposite of what I suffered through with the US Frequence Plus office. I flew JFK-BOS on DL in T/class and was told by DL that it was a fare that would be credited but by AF no way. After dozens of phone calls and a SCREAMING match with a supervisor named RITA in California, I finally got my miles and an apology. And I'm FP Rouge! Imagine. She was SCREAMING at me!
AF has its problems - surly personnel the worst of them, but that arrivals lounge at CDG makes it all worthwhile.
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RE: Thumbs Up To AF Frequence Plus Personnel!

Tue Dec 30, 2003 7:41 am

Does AF not fly to Elbonia (I am puzzled by the apparent lack of a plug)?  Big grin

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