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SAS 737-800 Configurations?

Tue Dec 30, 2003 11:48 am

How many different seating configurations does SAS have in its 737-883s? In the caption of a photo (in Airliner World, August 2000) of SK's first 738 delivered, it was noted that the aircraft (SE-DTL) "...is configured in an all-economy layout for domestic operation."

Have some of SK's 738s been configured in mixed class configuration? How many seats do the 738s in SK service have in an all-economy configuration? How many seats of each type in mixed-class configuration? How many economy seats in the aircraft allocated to Snowflake?

Also, does SK assign its 738s almost exclusively to domestic and/or intra-Scandinavian routes? And, aside from Snowflake routes, does SK regularly operate 738s on any of their European routes or charter flights?

Thanks for any information you can provide.
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RE: SAS 737-800 Configurations?

Tue Dec 30, 2003 1:18 pm

From sasflightops.com

737-800 -
15 in SAS traffic
No. Reg. Viking name Ser.no. Version Delivery Old reg. Remarks
1 LN-RCN Hedrun 28318 DOM. 04MAY00 SE-DTK
2 LN-RCO Gunn 28319 DOM. 09MAY00 SE-DTL
3 OY-KKU Mimer 28320 DOM. 12MAY00 SE-DTM, LN-RCP
4 LN-RCR Oddrun 28321 DOM. 08JUN00 SE-DTX
5 LN-RCS Thorgrim 30193 DOM. 20JUN00 SE-DTY
* EI-CXU Gyrd 28323 DOM. 09AUG00 SE-DYA, LN-RPD let to AirOne
* EI-CXP Thorleif 30467 DOM. 18AUG00 SE-DTN, LN-RPO let to AirOne
* EI-CXW Gerda 30194 DOM. 28SEP00 SE-DTO, LN-RPP let to AirOne
* EI-CXT Ore 30468 DOM. 29SEP00 SE-DTP, LN-RPR let to AirOne
10 LN-RPL Svanevit 30469 DOM. 07OCT00 SE-DYC
11 LN-RPM Frigg 30195 EURO 10NOV00
12 LN-RPN Bergfora 30470 EURO 30NOV00
13 LN-RCX Höttur 30196 EURO 20DEC00 SE-DYH
14 LN-RCY Eylime 28324 EURO 14FEB01 SE-DTT
15 LN-RCZ Glitne 30197 DOM. 23MAR01 SE-DTS
16 LN-RRS Ymer 28325 DOM. 30NOV01 SE-DYM
17 LN-RRT Lodyn 28326 DOM. 21DEC01
18 LN-RRU Vingolf 28327 DOM. 19FEB02
19 SE-DYG Gerud 32278 DOM 09JUL02
20 SE-DYT Jarlabanke 28328 DOM 2003
21 SE-DTR Saga 32277 DOM 2003
22 SE-DYC Cecilia 32276 DOM 2005
23 SE-DYD Dag 30471 DOM 2005

* = out of SK operations.
Italic style = coming deliveries

SAS 738 DOM has 179 seats, and are primary used on domestic and intrascandinavian routes..
I don't remember the exact number, but I think Snowflake will have something like 160 seats and the EURO have 132-151 (according to the SAS website)

The 738 is used on charters, especially on ski-charters to the Alps
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RE: SAS 737-800 Configurations?

Tue Dec 30, 2003 2:42 pm

For all who wonders what SK stands for:
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