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` DC-10 Friendship `

Sun Jan 03, 1999 6:36 am

I've noticed that at O'hare, at the gates, where it shows the aircraft you are taking and the info about your bags, it says something like Service: DC-10 Friendship. What the hell does the 'Friendship' mean and why do they write that? Same with the 767 and 737. Do they write that all the time?
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RE: ` DC-10 Friendship `

Sun Jan 03, 1999 6:44 am

I was not aware that United still used the Friendship designation. I know that years ago, if I remember right, they had it on the side of the plane above the windows, such as DC-8 Friendship, or whatever kind of plane it was. On the DC-10, it was on the sides of the center engine.

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RE: ` DC-10 Friendship `

Sun Jan 03, 1999 7:40 am

This is basically an old marketing ploy that still lingers on well past it's time. Just like when AA puts "Luxury Jet" on the side of it's aircraft, near the nose. "F-100 Luxury Jet", yeah right!
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RE: ` DC-10 Friendship `

Sun Jan 03, 1999 11:12 am

Back in 1982, United considered starting a low-fare airline out of Cleveland and name it Friendship Express, but then they decided not to. But like L1011 said the Friendship name has been used by UAL since at least the early 70's when they called all their aircraft Friendships.