High Speed Ailerons

Sat Jan 15, 2000 12:35 pm

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I know(with an n) that the 727 have high speed ailerons and do this( lovely)airplane really need them ? if y,-why? See You !
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RE: High Speed Ailerons

Sat Jan 15, 2000 1:00 pm

The 727 has low speed ailerons just outboard of the outboard flap segment, and all speed ailerons just inboard of the outboard flap.

The outboard ailerons are operable during low speed ops whenever the flaps are positioned down. when the flaps are positioned up the aileron is faired with the wing and does not operate. The inboard all speed ailerons are operable at all times.

The outboard aileron is disconected during high speeds in order to minimize wing warpind due to their actuation, and also to reduce roll rate as airspeed increases.

The ailerons are also augmented by roll controll spoilers on the upper wings surface when the flaps are extended and the control wheel is moved more than 30 degrees in either direction.

RE: High Speed Ailerons

Sat Jan 15, 2000 1:13 pm

Jetpilot,- Thank`s a lot for that information.
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