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Loads Down On Terror-Targeted Flight Numbers?

Tue Jan 06, 2004 8:22 am

With the persistent daily scrutiny of selected flight numbers, such as BA223, leading to delays, cancellations, turnarounds and lengthy supplemental inspection of passengers, both on the departure and arrival, does anyone know if the loads have dropped off? It seems to me no one in their right mind would book BA223 in the future if they knew they could fly UA to IAD without such hassles or even fly with BA but connecting through some other US gateway like JFK or ORD. Some of the delays have been so long you could have flown to JFK, rented a car and driven to Washington in the time it took to fly nonstop from LHR to IAD. It just seems like there is no reason for anyone to take these terrorist-targeted flights when there are alot of other options, and perhaps the airlines like BA and Air France should remove them entirely from their schedules.