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How Is The Concorde?

Sat Jan 15, 2000 2:51 pm

I haven't travel in a Concorde because it is quite expensive for me and I live in Asia too!

How does it feel in a Concorde of BA or AF? Is it good, or bad? Is it interesting? etc.

Thank you
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RE: How Is The Concorde?

Sat Jan 15, 2000 5:46 pm

It is fabulous. No other word. You're right though about the cost. I was very fortunate with an airline discount although even that cost was substantial. But for most of us, it is still the flight of a lifetime.

There are lots of good books about Concorde. You can see pictures of the inside/outside in these books. If there is anything specific you would like to know, perhaps you could elaborate further.

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RE: How Is The Concorde?

Sat Jan 15, 2000 7:11 pm

I flew concorde once, and in flight it felt the same as every other plane I have been on. The only difference is the screen that says how high and fast you are going.
It is just really cool knowing you are moving twice the speed of sound. When I flew the pilots invited every one up to see the cockpit.
It was definitaly one of the most exciting flights of my life, but due to the really high price I don't think I will ever get the chance of doing it again.
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RE: How Is The Concorde?

Sat Jan 15, 2000 8:17 pm

Oh Boy! Take it once in your life if you can. If you are a really aviation entousiast, it's the best plane you can ever fly in your life, believe me!

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