Aeroflot Aria Vs. Transaero

Sat Jan 15, 2000 2:53 pm

Which is better as far as safety, comfort, and all that stuff Aeroflot or Transero???? Mind Boggeling!

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RE: Aeroflot Aria Vs. Transaero

Sat Jan 15, 2000 9:14 pm

Hi Tristar86
i have only flown SU ub till now. But heard a lot of Transaero. In Terms of business, they are a very serious competitor for a lot of European Airlines, the network is good and they have a focus on business travellers. Many European airlines do match the fares of Transaero once they introduce same. This leads me to conclude that they must be better than Aeroflot.

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RE: Aeroflot Aria Vs. Transaero

Sun Jan 16, 2000 1:28 am

I've only flown on Aeroflot - Russian International, but I've heard alot about Transaero. Their F/As and crews were trained by Air France, and they fly 757s and 737s on domestic and international routes. Aeroflot still flies Russian aircraft on domestic routes, though they have improved amazingly over the old Soviet Aeroflot.

Coach service on Aeroflot isn't bad, but I've heard Transaero is more generous with food and drink, plus their planes are cleaner. Foreigners doing business in Russia usually choose Transaero whenever possible, and have no complaints, from what I've heard. They also operate the 737-700 now.

RE: Aeroflot Aria Vs. Transaero

Sun Jan 16, 2000 1:41 am

Transaero has a great safety record compared to the one of Aeroflot which has had a couple of crashes....
Though aeroflot is improving a lot in the last year...
Transaero is a great airline to fly with, I like their service and they have very clean and nice aircraft...
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I Dont Want To Go All The Way To Gatwick!

Sun Jan 16, 2000 4:56 am

Because Transaero relies so heavily on international routes and foreign custom, it was hit particularly hard by the last 2 currency crisies.

Anyone remember that they used to fly to quite a few US and other far-away cities? not anymore. In fact I don't think they have any wide-bodied aircraft left. Can anyone confirm that?

Transaero (I believe) is only successful because it plays on the fears of foreigners who are terrified of flying Aeroflot and listen to rumours, bad-press, etc...

The airline was first started with a loan of Aeroflot equipment (yes, Russian made a/c) and is still owned in part by Aeroflot ARIA.

I guess there are advantages to Transaero, but as for new aircraft - they use some very old 737-200s which I would think are much older than the Tu-154Ms used by Aeroflot now. When was 737-200 production ceased?? anyone know? Aeroflot have new aircraft too.... 777s etc..

Some of the larger "Babyflots" seem much better alternatives, even if you have to travel to Moscow/Vnukovo or Moscow/Domodedovo when transferring from your international flights.

Sorry, I don't mean to be Transaero-bashing but I kinda prefer the 'real' russian airlines! :-)